Like all the other Yuda Pilatory products before it, the Yuda Pilatory Platinum Edition is made up of an all natural Chinese herbal mixture. This product is said to use the herbs from the Dai and Zang Minorities in Yunnan province as well as Nato Cellwall Broken Technology. Continued use of the product is said to stimulate the scalp to control hair loss and promote the re-growth of hair.

How it works

The Yuda Pilatory Platinum Edition is said to cure the hair loss that occurs due to follicles being blocked, hair suffering malnutrition, excessive pressure and overstrained nerves. The product stimulates the scalp and promotes good blood flow which the company says will promote the re-growth of hair and control further hair loss. Yuda Pilatory Platinum Edition is on the same kick that many hair loss products are on; better blood flow. Good blood flow is essential for your health, but it does not help with hair loss.


Yuda Pilatory Platinum edition is said to be a miracle cure due to the all natural Chinese herbs that include:

•    Cherokee Rose Fruit: Found in many Chinese herbal teas.

•    Rehmannia Glutinosa: One of the traditional uses in traditional Chinese medicine for Rehmannia glutinosa has been in the area of tinnitus and hearing loss. It turns out that the plant, in fact, seems to have efficacy in the scavenging of free radicals which cause noise related hearing loss. At least you won’t be able to hear people making fun of your hair loss.

•    Ginseng Extract: Both American and Asian ginseng extracts are taken orally as adaptogens, aphrodisiacs, nourishing stimulants, and in the treatment of type II diabetes. Another benefit is said to be an aid with sexual dysfunction in men.

•    Chinese Angelic Extract: Found in China, Japan, and Korea, this is known as the female Ginseng.

•    Polygonum Multiflorum Extract: Better known as Chinese knotweed or Flowery knotweed, it is a widely used Chinese herb that is said to rejuvenate the body.

•    Pangolian Scales: Another popular Chinese herb found in many teas.

•    Vitamin B6: The primary role of vitamin B6 is to act as a coenzyme to many other enzymes in the body that are involved predominantly in metabolism.

None of these ingredients will block DHT, which is the main cause of hair loss.


Yuda Pilatory Platinum Edition is much like its predecessors; full of great all natural Chinese ingredients that do nothing to stop hair loss or promote new hair growth. Its claim of increased blood flow in the scalp may be true, but it simply won’t stop your hair loss. There are number of different hair loss products on the market today that offer the same benefits in the same “all natural way.” Whether a lotion or a spray the result is going to be the same; no new hair. The company is not only promoting the Chinese herbs as a cure they are also straight out of China, which their web site reflects. While full of information, it is sketchy at best and offers no proof to the claims that the Yuda Pilatory Platinum Edition spray, or any of its other sprays, will work.