Dr. Lee’s Xandrox doesn’t mess around when it comes to pushing hair loss magical cures. The Xandrox products have been playing hard ball in hair re-growth for a while now. Dr. Richard Lee and his team of “scientists” claim to use intense ingredients to help men and women enjoy full heads of hair – whether these mysterious ingredients actually work is another story.

On paper, Dr. Lee’s Xandrox is a very aggressive hair re-growth formula. It contains both Minoxidil, a veteran in the world of hair growth stimulation, and Azelaic acid, making this formula double tough on your fair-weather hairs. Minoxidil actually works to stimulate new hair growth while Azelaic acid works as an enzyme inhibitor, resisting the balding effects of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). According to the ingredients, this products works extra hard to help you make more hair and keep the hair you have. You also have the option to mix and match the intensity of your hair loss therapy with Dr. Lee’s Xandrox as you can choose from an array of Xandrox products with different levels of Minoxidil and other ingredients.

Product Ingredients

Dr. Lee’s Xandrox is characterized by the use of two distinct ingredients, Minoxidil and Azelaic acid. The rest of the ingredients in this product are mysteriously unavailable. However, there are many different formulas for this product that contain higher concentrations of Minoxidil in which secondary ingredients will vary and some may have side effects. Be sure to read the ingredients list for the formula you are considering trying for yourself.

Using Dr. Lee’s Xandrox

Dr. Lee’s Xandrox products, depending on the formula, may come in different forms including serums, foams, or creams. Each will have a different set of directions for use. However, all will require that you apply the product topically and directly to your scalp. Some may even require that you leave the product to set for as long as twenty minutes. Not very convenient.


Dr. Lee’s Xandrox costs between $32 and $40 dollars per bottle.

Side effects

Few side effects have been associated with the use of Dr. Lee’s Xandrox. Azelaic acid can cause itching and burning in the scalp, but that can be common with hair loss products. There are formulas that contain betamethosone valerate, an added ingredient that counteracts the itching and burning. However, betamethosone valerate, a corticosteroid, may keep the burning at bay but it has side effects of its own. Coticosteroids can cause thinning of the skin, skin damage, brittle bones, or even diabetes. Yikes! Unless the itching is more than you can take, get the betamethosone-free version of Xandrox.

Effectiveness of Dr. Lee’s Xandrox

Dr. Lee’s Xandrox is a mixed bag. Some users saw a substantial improvement in the thickness of their hair and even experienced hair re-growth. However, don’t expect to re-grow all of your hair and some users experienced no results whatsoever. I know that you’re hoping for a miracle cure and this isn’t it. But according to reviews, you could see new hair growth, as well as thickening and retention of your existing hair. Also, users were happy to see that Dr. Lee’s Xandrox was less greasy than other similar Minoxidil products on the market.


Dr. Richard Lee is a major player in world of hair re-growth technology and his Xandrox products are a big-selling option. However, the mysterious ingredients list is a little sketchy and the varying formulas are confusing and a little frightening. Overall, it seems to be a good product if you aren’t bothered by having a lot of unanswered questions.