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While not 100% accurate, this claim does have merit. You’re not going to see women ignoring men with thick, luscious, flowing hair; but at the same time, they’re not seeking Fabio. 


Women are sensitive creatures running off emotion.  In their own cute little way (not an insult but a compliment) they’re insecure.  Why do you think they go through so much trouble putting on make-up, getting their hair done, picking out clothes, etc, etc?  Sure, they claim to be making themselves look good for us; but in reality they’re desperately working hard to feel good about themselves. 


So do women really care about balding men?  The answer, most of the time, is a resounding NO!  Women aren’t as shallow to men as they are to themselves. The only way a woman is really going to care about you thinning on top is if you make a big deal about it.   


Nothing will turn a woman off quicker than an insecure man.  They have enough emotion to deal with.  The last thing they want in their lives is a panty wearing sissy, crying about how he’s experiencing hair loss. By the way, women don’t want men looking prettier than they do.  [I don’t know what it is lately with males going out of their way to look feminine, but it’s helping the rest of us men look like Studs.] 


So if you’re thinking about doing something about your hair loss, be sure you’re doing it to boost your confidence – not impress women. What women really crave is a man with confidence and the ability to be a MAN!


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  • LuvSexyBaldMen

    There’s nothing sexier than a cool, confident and distinguished bald-headed gentleman! And yes, I personally hate men with hair.

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