What Makes Minoxidil Such a Good Hair Loss Treatment?

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Many of you know that Minoxidil is featured in some of the top hair loss products available for purchase today. Hair loss treatments such as Provillus and Rogaine both contain the ingredient, though to varying degrees and still other hair loss products that are popular such as Procerin, Therapy-g and Sephren for women doesn’t. But what makes this ingredient such a wonderful thing in the world of hair loss?

To start with, Minoxidil is the only hair loss ingredient thus far to receive a stamp of approval from the Food and Drug Administration, also know as the FDA. Perhaps though, the reason it is so highly touted is because of its effectiveness in blocking the hormone known as DHT. DHT is what is responsible for the majority of hair loss experienced by men. While there has been some degree of success had by all natural DHT blockers, Minoxidil when used in a strong form has been proven very effective.

Minoxidil is so popular these days that hair loss product reviews about the product are beginning to crop up by the bushel. Many hair loss treatments are also beginning to either feature Minoxidil as an ingredient or they feature another ingredient that they say is just as good, but more times than not that special ingredient isn’t.

This is not to say that many of the all-natural hair loss products like Procerin, Therapy-g and Sephren for women won’t work, but perhaps just not to the same degree as hair loss products that feature Minoxidil. However, the mere presence of Minoxidil does not guarantee results.

Even the name that everyone seems to know, Rogaine, only has a success rate of 85 percent. That sounds great, but try telling that to the 15 percent that are still bald. Many other hair loss treatments will put a small amount of Minoxidil or a blend in the product and often times it is not enough to be very effective. The moral of the story, buyer beware.

Of all the hair loss products that feature Minoxidil and that have multiple hair loss reviews written about them, the tops seems to be Provillus. But check for yourself and definitely do your homework on what many would consider to be a miracle of modern science and hair loss; Minoxidil.

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