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   Uva Ursi extract, which is also known as bearberry, has a long historical use in medicinal practices going all the way back to the 2nd century. It was used by Native Americans to help with urinary tract infections and was still in use for that treatment until the discovery of the antibiotics we use today to treat that condition.

The plant itself is an evergreen shrub that is found in alpine forests in many different countries such as Europe, North America and Siberia. It has pink or white bell shaped flowers. Bears are said to like the shiny pink or red berries that grow on this plant, which is how it got the alternative name, bearberry. When used, the leaves are dried and ground into a usable power like substance. The berries are not used since they do not have medicinal properties and are very sour to the taste. The leaves are then added to whatever application is being prepared.

Common Uses

In its relation to helping with hair loss products one has to look into what can cause hair loss and it outlaying causes. Uva Ursi extract helps with the treatment of infections, specifically in the urinary tract and in the bladder. It has been found to also help with kidney stones and it is absorbed in the stomach and changed into something that has not only antimicrobial properties, but is it a disinfectant and astringent as well.

By serving as something that has a positive effect on inflamed tissue and irritation, it allows for a greater flow of urine from the body by neutralizing acidity in the urine. This allows for the reduction of water retention in the body, which is very important for hair growth.

Water-retention, also known as edema, can affect almost any and every part of the body. Essentially, it means that the body is holding onto more water in the tissues that it should and this can cause a host of problems ranging from swollen hands, feet and legs to heart problems and breathing issues. Through the swelling of the tissues, blood flow is restricted causing the vital nutrients needed for proper hair growth to get to the follicles. Along with the lack of supplies needed, the stretching and pressure placed on the skin will damage the follicles as well causing them to stop working as they should in growing new hair. Without the growth of new hair every day, the 100 to 200 hairs a human head loses on average each day will show as a slow loss of hair over time.


By allowing the body to process the urine properly in the bladder and kidneys, Uva Ursi extract makes it easier for the body to pass the excess water in the body which will prevent the body from swelling up from excess water retention. Not only does this natural and ancient herb help with hair loss prevention by aiding the body in its water retention issues, it can also help protect against general infections and create a better and overall healthier body.

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