Tricomin is one of those products that is geared specifically toward “prevention” (any time a hair loss product mentions a synonym of “prevention”, you can bet that it’s being targeted toward men that aren’t bald but are worried sick about it. Those kinda guys make me sick!

Tricomin Ingredients

Triamino Copper Nutritional Complex

While I’d love to tell you the exact ingredients that are in Tricomin, they’d prefer to keep that a secret and let us know that they’ve created a “Complex” (which by the way is their key ingredient). I have no idea what that means, so I’ll have to dissect the name of the “Complex” so you can sort of have an understanding of what’s going in your hair.

  • Triamino – This is a great word. It means, eh…um. Well, if I could say what it was in one word, it would have to be “filler”. That’s right another one of those fancy words invented for the sake of trying to impress you. I guess they want us to believe it has follicle boosting Amino’s; three to be exact. But we’ll never know because they seem to want to keep it a secret.
  • Copper – Now here’s a word that we all know. It is believed by some that Copper is linked to certain biological processes that pertain to the health of your hair. More specifically the enzyme that reduces testosterone to DHT. What they don’t want you to know is that copper only affects hair loss if you don’t have enough in your diet. Copper deficiencies are usually women related and remedied with balanced zinc and copper “intakes”. Triamano is a Topical product that does nothing to balance proper nutrition.

Tricomin’s Marketing Approach

Procyte is the actual owner of Tricomin products. They (Procyte) are in the skin care business as well. I’m always a little leary of companies that don’t commit one way or the either. Finding the correct compound balance is hair loss products is tricky enough without dabbling in the skin care business as well. I will say that Tricomin does have a nice website that speaks well to its audience. They will try and dazzle you with “filler” words and make you feel that they are actually onto something. However, if you read carefully, you’ll discover empty words that tell you nothing.

Tricomin Prices

The prices for Tricomin Prices range from $17 – $140. Some say that they’re some of the cheapest products on the market. I say it depends on how you look at it. If you’re willing to pay $17 on a product that will not grow hair, I say that it’s pretty expensive. If you’re willing to pay $49.95 for a product that is proven to work, I’d say its dirt cheap.


I’d like to totally bash this product, but it’s really hard to. They never quite come out and claim to grow thick luscious hair. In fact they start off by talking about it being a defensive treatment. And as I said, defensive treatment translates to men with hair worried about losing their hair.

Unfortunately for most of us, the time for being on the Defense is at its end. Our new strategy is a full court press. We’re going to run an offensive strategy on our scalp like its never seen before! To do this means not wasting money on products that don’t grow new hair. We know of products that work; let’s stick to them.