Thymuskin Lotion, also known as “the Hair Treatment” (self-proclaimed), was developed by 9 German physicians who desired to find a product that would stop hair loss associated with chemotherapy. Successful in their quest, this lotion is designed to stop hair loss and encourage the growth of new hair. Like other similar systems, it is recommended that this lotion be used after washing hair with Thymuskin Shampoo as it prepares the hair for the lotion.

Unlike other hair loss products, Thymuskin is designed to address various causes of balding in both men and women. Through their research, they have found a special ingredient they believe can make a difference for just about everyone.

The physicians that developed Thymuskin have surmised that many cases of balding are actually an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks itself – in this case at the hair follicle. In other cases, balding in men results from their sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In these men, this testosterone derivative causes hair follicles to become smaller until cosmetically acceptable hair growth stops.

Just how does such a miracle product work? And can it really do all it says?

Thymuskin Lotion’s Ingredients

Thymuskin lotion’s key ingredient is Thymus extract (GKL). Thymosin, a thymus extract, is derived from the gland of calves. According to the maker, thymosin has been shown to be effective in stimulating the immune system. In the case of sensitivity to DHT, Thymuskin is suggested to coat the hair in the area it is used so that it does not react to DHT and fall out.

Thymuskin Lotion Usage

The lotion should be massaged in for a minute after shampooing and before drying hair. For the first 4 weeks, 1 to 2 ml should be applied twice a day. After this time, it can be applied once a day after shampooing.

The maker recommends using this product for 18 months. If desired, the products can then continue to be used once a week or once every other week.

The maker indicates in some individuals that it may take close to 18 months to stimulate hair growth. However, they further indicate that if the product hasn’t helped you within that amount of time that your remaining hair follicles are dead and they cannot be restored.

Thymuskin Lotion Price

This product is not sold directly from the manufacturer, but through distributors around the world. Neither the manufacturer nor the retailers that sell it offer any guarantee for the product. Therefore, unlike some other products on the market, if this one doesn’t work for you, you’re just out your hard earned money.

The prices offered by retailers are pretty universal. A 100 mL bottle designed to 1.5 to 2 months costs $83.70. A 200 mL bottle, a 3-4 month supply, costs $129.75.


Thymuskin appears to be a below average product thathas its limitations. In their own acknowledgement, the maker indicates that in some cases an individual’s hair follicles are dead and cannot be revived by their product. Their literature seems to suggest that if an individual has been without hair in an area for an extended period of time, such as five years, that this product is probably not the one to pin hopes on. Further without a money back guarantee and a pretty steep price tag, it is worth weighing out all the factors prior to purchasing this product.