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That’s a pretty big step young man.  It takes a lot of courage to realize the dream is over and it’s time to shave your dome.  What you need to realize is under all your thinning hair might be an even uglier scalp.  Also, you need to reevaluate the reason you want to go the distance.

Many men decide to “Bic” their heads because they want to conceal their baldness; the keyword being “conceal”.  This does nothing to boost their confidence and might even damage it, once they find out how ugly and bumpy their head is.  Also, if they decide to “conceal” their baldness by taking a razor to their scalp, they’ll find it’s futile – there are  signs of male-pattern baldness you will never be able shave-off.

Will it Work For You?

The men that it’ll work for are the ones that have a nice shaped melon with no scars, pimples, moles, or other imperfections.  Some men were made to sport the “Mr. Clean” look, but others are meant to sport the “Robert Duvall”.

How can you decide which looks is for you?

1. The first step is to ask your spouse, friends, and family.  They’ll usually be brutally honest and will let you know if the new look might work.

2. The second step is to take it down with a #2 Razor and see how you like it.  You might find you like this look and won’t need to go any further.

3. The last step is to dive in and put the steel blade to the scalp. Be sure the blade is brand new and you use a high-quality shaving cream.

How does it look?  Don’t fret, it’ll grow back….well most of it anyways.

Just remember, even if you decide not to Bic it, you need to keep it short.  Nothing will make you look more like a retard, then long, stringy, and thin hair.

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