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 Hair loss products are everywhere. They all make fantastic claims, some of which are true and others more questionable. Many of these products contain silica, claiming this ingredient helps the body grow better hair and nails. Let’s examine the evidence.

What is Silica?

Silica is a hard mineral found in glass, quartz, and sand. In other words, silica is a rock. This mineral readily absorbs water, which makes it useful in the making of cement.

Why You Need It

So why would you want to eat a rock? Well you can’t eat a rock that is not absorbable. But as a vital trace mineral, silica is vital. Studies show it helps keep bones, connective tissue, artery walls, and cartilage healthy. Simply put, this mineral is important in bone and connective tissue. As we age, our bodies have a difficult time absorbing substances including silica. Supplementation with a product containing silica can increase body levels of this vital mineral to a normal range.

How to Take It

How can you get silica into your body? Eat good foods and supplement with herbs such as horsetail. Apparently, horse tail contains a lot of this mineral in an absorbable formula for human bodies. If you take a supplement, just follow the package directions.

How Does It Help with Hair Loss?

Studies have shown that a lack of silica causes hair loss. Eating a diet rich in silica seems to stop this process. So it seems logical that supplementation with horse tail or another absorbable substance containing silica will prevent hair loss. Customer reviews of products containing horse tail seem to back up the claim that silica is an important part of preventing hair loss. While they are not clinical trials, nevertheless, the testimonies are very compelling.

Would I use Silica?

Yes, I would use silica supplements as long as they are from an absorbable herb like horsetail. I recommend proceeding with caution though. Most people get enough silica from their diets, so supplementation may not be necessary. So go ahead and use silica, or better yet, eat a diet rich in silica. Horse tail will not harm you so long as you follow package directions carefully.