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This extract comes from the bark of the Pygeum tree that grows in the higher elevations in Africa. Natives have long used this herb to help conditions of the bladder. It is also useful for a condition called “old men’s disease.” In other words, it helps the male prostate.


As men age, their bodies begin to turn testosterone into a damaging hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone ages male tissues. It is believed that the hormone directly causes male pattern baldness by damaging hair follicles. Eventually, hair thins and falls out leaving bald patches.

DHT is also blamed for causing the male prostate gland to enlarge. There are many commercials selling prescription medications purported to relieve this condition. Enlarged prostate glands cause uncomfortable symptoms in men, like difficulty urinating and increased bathroom visits.

Pygeum bark has been the subject of several studies in Europe. It is widely used there to treat enlarged prostate problems. The herb works in three ways. First, it contains beta-sistoserol, a plant sterol that is a known anti-inflammatory agent. It blocks the absorption of prostaglandins that cause inflammation. Beta-sistoserol works along with other plant substances to open blood vessels and increase the strength and stability of veins and arteries. Finally, pygeum bark seems to reduce the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed into the blood stream.

Hair Loss

Pygeum bark also seems to block the transition of normal testosterone into DHT. This alone would help explain why it would prove beneficial in the fight against hair loss. It fights the transition of testosterone to DHT by blocking the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. This substance has already been widely studied and accepted by European doctors. In the United States, researchers are a little more cautious.

What I Like

I like any natural product that works as this one seems to. Not only does it have possible applications to fighting hair loss, but it also lowers bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, opens blood vessels and strengthens them. That’s not bad for one little herb.


The price of this herb varies from a few dollars to a lot, depending on the combination of herbs and vitamins it comes with. You can buy it online or at your local health food store.

How to Use it

Just follow package directions. Do not ever take more of any substance than is recommended. I would suggest buying the product in combination with other herbs and vitamins that help with hair loss.


I recommend this product, especially for men. It will help reduce cholesterol, relieve enlarged prostates, block DHT, and possibly help your hairline.

As with anything, I cannot guarantee any of the claims made by people about this product. You can check your results in the mirror. Just use it for longer than two weeks. Full benefits will not be possible for at least a few months of using it regularly.

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