proxiphenProxiphen N, also known as Prox N, is a topical product that is said to have three hair growth stimulants all wrapped into one convenient product. According to the company it is the combination of Superoxide Dismutase, or SODs, pyridine-N-Oxide, and copper-binding peptides that will help you to stimulate your hair to grow fuller and to help you to re-grow new hair. The product is said to be safe and effective for men and women regardless of age or race and comes in a 2-ounce bottle. Results are shown in the before and after photos in about five months, though the supply is only for two months.

Special hair growth stimulators

According to the company, there are three special hair growth-stimulating ingredients in the product. Each is unique and serves a different purpose. The three special ingredients are:

* Copper-binding peptides: Copper is a key ingredient to having a healthy scalp and healthy hair. By using copper peptides directly on areas of balding and thinning hair, it is entirely possible to stimulate hair growth.

* SODs or Superoxide Dismutase: Aids in the movement of nitric oxide to the hair follicle and keeps the hair cells free from damaging free radicals.

* N-Oxide or nitric oxide: Increased amounts of intracellular nitric oxide are said to enlarge the section and size of the hair follicles.

Notice the verbiage used. It is possible to stimulate hair growth. That is a blanket statement that could be said about anything. Really, try it. If you put eggshells on your head it is possible to stimulate hair growth. Statements like these are common parlor tricks that can be found on a daily basis in the sometimes-shady world of hair loss products.

Use it for how long?

While there is no specific mention about how long you should use the product before results will be seen there are three photos meant to show the progression of an individual who is using the product. The first photo shows pretty dramatic results in about five months and the third picture shows even bigger and better results in about nine months. Here’s the rub, the two-ounce bottle contains only enough product to last you two months. Now you can get a bit of a discount if you buy a four-month supply, but you are still one month short of the first interval of five months. Basically, you will have to order the product three times to see if the photo claims are true. Once you see the price of Proxiphen N you may not be so exited to do so.


Proxiphen N is another in a long line of hair loss products to make astronomical claims and back those claims up with an astronomical price tag. Really the company can’t lose. If you expect to see the results promised, you will have to buy from them at least three times. If the product works, you will likely keep buying it. But in the more likely instance that the product doesn’t work, they already zinged you three times and you can’t return what you’ve already used. Now they simply go on to their next victim. Avoid the hassle all together and seek an alternative to Proxiphen N.