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Pantothenic acid is more commonly known as vitamin B 5. It is an important nutrient vital for a variety of bodily functions. As part of the broader the complex family of vitamins, this nutrient helps moisturize skin.

Pantothenic acid or its precursor panthenol are common ingredients in skin and hair care products. B complex vitamins work in the body by providing nourishment for the circulatory system, repair of tissues, nerve function, and immune function. Pantothenic acid itself, helps to nourish skin cells and aids in repair.

Common Uses

Many skin care lotions and moisturizing creams used pantothenic acid or its derivative panthenol as a moisturizing ingredient in their products. Some dermatologists recommend pantothenic acid for a variety of skin conditions. There has been research that indicates this vitamin can aid in the treatment of wrinkles, inflammation, acne, dry skin, and even burns. As people age, skin elasticity diminishes. Vitamin B 5 seems to help this problem by actually increasing elasticity. Indeed, pantothenic acid deficiency often produces skin disorders as its major symptom.

Pantothenic acid works directly in cells, creating healthier skin tissue. This benefit made prove applicable to creating greater wound healing ability and providing support for a healthy immune system. Pantothenic acid is said to also help the cardiovascular system.

Does It Promote Hair Growth?

Pantothenic acid or its precursor panthenol are used in a variety of shampoos and other hair care products. One benefit of pantothenic acid is that it provides moisture. In relation to care, and defeating acid is believed to help promote a proper moisture balance in the hair shaft. Since it can penetrate cells, experts believe it can also see only sure into hair. This action has a cleansing effect, lifting di