NuGen HP is a two-step process to fighting hair loss. The product is said to be the most scientifically advanced all-natural hair loss formula for both men  and women. The product touts the same line as many of the all-natural hair loss products; that it will deliver all the proper nutrients to the hair follicles to promote hair growth, but they do it with a twist.

Unique approach

The company definitely covers the fact that DHT is the leading cause of hair loss. What the company doesn’t say is that their products will block the DHT and thus prevent further hair loss. Instead, the company says that it can “balance out” the DHT in your body with the unique formula found in NuGen HP. While their approach is unique, it still doesn’t offer anything in the way of effectively fighting hair loss.

Two–step process

The two step process is designed to go on your head and on your wrist. That’s not a typo, apply to your wrist. The process is laid out as follows:

•    Step One, Follicle Enhancer: Damaged hair follicles no longer support hair growth because of hormonal imbalance. FOLLICLE ENHANCER’S SYNERGISTIC formula enables the hair follicle to obtain and maintain hormonal balance, maximizing the ability to grow hair. Apply 1/8 teaspoon to thinning areas, twice daily. Massage thoroughly until absorbed completely.

•    Step Two, Turbo Accelerator: Hair, just like any other part of the body, requires the proper nutrients to grow and maintain a healthy appearance. TURBO ACCELERATOR is the most scientifically advanced transdermal vitamin and mineral delivery system on the market today. TURBO ACCELERATOR’S delivery system provides the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to produce and maintain fuller,
thicker hair. Apply 1/4 teaspoon to underside of wrist once a day. Massage thoroughly until absorbed completely.

Apparently the underside of the wrist is not only the place to put your cologne but is also the idea place to apply hair loss products. The company offers no explanation for this but does say that it is the most “scientifically advanced” product several times on the web site; though there is no proof of this.

Somewhat lacking

The web site for NuGen HP has a lot of information on what causes hair loss, but offers less than an adequate amount of information about the product itself. Sure you can find testimonials, but those are
also available at every other hair loss product web site. While there is a list of active ingredients to be found, a complete list is absent. This may be troubling to you if you have allergic reactions. There is also no mention of a guarantee. As far as results, well they of course vary. The company says that you should use the product for at least six months to see what kind of results will be achieved.


If you like flashy sounding sales pitches that promise you the world with a never before seen product, then NuGen HP is for you. While you won’t get any kind of guarantee you will get to tell your friends that you are using the “most scientifically advanced” all-natural hair loss product available; well according to the company anyway. Try as the company may, their approach is only unique, but it still will not help with hair loss.