Nourish Awake and Replenish Shampoo is a self-proclaimed best seller. The product is said to be safe and gentle enough to be used as a daily shampoo. The product uses what it refers to as “proven” botanicals and a chemical known as Trichogen to stop hair loss and prepare the scalp for new hair to grow. The product is said to be safe for both men and women regardless of age or race and is said to stimulate the scalp and promote new hair growth.

Scalp stimulation

It seems these days that a growing number of hair loss products say that a stimulated scalp is a scalp that will re-grow hair. What is a stimulated scalp? Put simply it is a scalp that has increased blood flow due to certain ingredients in a specific product. While everyone knows that good blood flow is vital for healthy living, it is not vital when it comes to hair growth. Just because your scalp has better blood flow than the average person, does not mean that any hair will grow where it didn’t before.

Proven ingredients?

Of course you would expect Nourish Awake and Replenish Shampoo to be no different from the other hair loss products available today in that they all have a special or proven formula that will make hair grow. In the case of Nourish Awake and Replenish Shampoo, there are two “secret formulas.” The first is what they claim is a “scientifically proven” herbal extract combination and a “proven ingredient combination” called Trichogen that stimulates hair growth.

It is one thing to say something is proven and quite another to prove it. This fact is evident as the website for the product contains no records of any clinical trails, nor papers written on the matter. When this is seen only one conclusion can be drawn, the company is relying on desperate people to take their word for it.

Where’s the confidence?

Unlike many hair loss products available today, what you won’t find with Nourish Awake and Replenish Shampoo is a guarantee. Even products that are suspect at best usually come with some type of money back promise, though it may be near impossible to actually get the money back. But this company is so confident in its product that it offers no guarantee? If the formulas were “proven” to work, you would think they would back up their product.


There is no doubt that this product will clean your hair and make your scalp squeaky-clean. There is also little doubt that it will stimulate good blood flow in your scalp. But any salon grade shampoo can do this too and do it for a lot less money. The only difference is that the salon owner will not be trying to convince you that their shampoo will re-grow your hair. The only positive to Nourish Awake and Replenish Shampoo is that it is relatively inexpensive when compared to other hair loss products, including other products in its own line. But when you think about it, if something doesn’t work the way it supposed to, it really doesn’t matter how cheap it is.