Well, we’ve made it all the way through the maze of Nioxin products to System 5. It seems like the instructions make this product special for almost any type of hair. Of course they also had to cover thinning hair as well.

This has some different products from the other systems we’ve looked at. According to Nioxin, most people feel they have better control of the hair moisture levels with this set of products.

What’s in it?


This is a control product. It helps keep hair smooth and easier to manage.


Nioxin says this product has bionutrients that make hair and scalp more youthful looking. Does that mean it prevents scalp wrinkles? Since when does anyone care what their scalp looks like? That’s just ludicrous in my book. As far as younger looking hair goes–your hair gets shine and health from internal nutrients, not from hair products.

Transactive Delivery System

This product says that it creates an environment for fuller and healthier looking hair. It also claims to make hair looks thicker. My question is how does it help these two situations? Which ingredient makes your hair look thicker or full or helps create a fuller hair environment? To me, the claims for this product are laughable at best.

Nioxin Cleanser

Here is a good shampoo. Yes, I said shampoo. Why use a fancy word like cleanser? Do they think it justifies a more expensive price for the bottle? While this will definitely “cleanse” your hair, I think money is better spent on a less expensive method of hair cleansing.

Nioxin Scalp Therapy

Scalp Therapy is just another conditioner. Oh sure, it has a few ingredients that differentiate it from other products, but nothing that is going to do any more for your hair than a less expensive product off your drugstore shelf.

Nioxin Scalp Treatment

Add some Menthol to a leave-in product and that makes it good for hair loss? At least that’s the impression I get from leading the literature on the product. Just because it may turn your skin red for a few minutes does not mean in my book that it will help control hair loss.

It seems the theory behind this product is that if it brings more blood to the skin surface that will help the circulation around the hair follicles making the hair less likely to fall out. I guess it also is supposed to remove DHT and sebum, making the hormone less likely to kill the hair follicle.


The entire line of this package makes some interesting claims that are short on proof in my opinion. I think this product line is big on hype and short on support. But the price isn’t low. I would not recommend this product because I don’t think it is any better than any other product out there. I think it’s all about marketing.