nexgenNexgen Hair Building Fibers come in a can and are sprayed onto head to help mask the balding and thinning areas. Said to be safe and effective for anyone regardless of age, gender, or race, the product is available in five different colors. The 25 grams of product are said to be enough to last the typical user 60 days. While Nexgen Hair Building Fibers may mask the problem of bald or extremely thin hair, it is mealy a cover-up and will in no way help you to re-grow your hair.

How it works

Nexgen Hair Building Fibers works much the same as any other hair in a can on the market today. Nexgen Hair Building Fibers blends and sticks securely with your existing hair and gains volume as it thickens the hair. Even area that seem bald are said to contain many micro hairs which the product can cling to and thus increase volume as well as hair density.

How to use it

Directions for using Nexgen Hair Building Fibers are given in three easy to follow steps:

1. Wash and dry your hair completely as Nexgen Hair Building Fibers should not be applied to hair that is not dry.

2. Next use a shaking motion to distribute Nexgen Hair Building Fibers over the problem areas. Apply lightly at first and add as much as you desire.

3. Last, gently brush the fibers through your hair.

Read the reviews

These days there are many hair loss cover-up products available for purchase but Nexgen Hair Building Fibers seems to be the new kid on the block. While there are not many reviews available online, the ones that are available do not speak highly of the product. In almost each instance the consumer was lured in by a special ‘introductory offer’ and then very disappointed with the end result. There was one positive review found, but it read like the president of the company wrote it.

Use at your own risk

Nexgen Hair Building Fibers are only available through third party vendors online and after a lengthy look, no guarantee of any kind could be found. This is not to say that the product is junk, just that the company that makes it is not backing it up. Again, there are many hair loss cover-ups on the market today and many come with a money back guarantee. If a cover-up is truly what you desire, you may want to look at products that come with some type of satisfaction guarantee.


Nexgen Hair Building Fibers is another hair loss cover-up that is just that, a cover-up. It will in no way, shape, or form help you to re-grow your hair or keep the hair you have from falling out. The product is not expensive by any means, but when you look at the reviews and the fact that it offers you no recourse should you be displeased with the product and all signs point to stop with this product.