From the same company that brought you New Angen IV Hair Loss Lotion comes New Angen Hair Loss Shampoo. This product is obviously a topical one and when used on a daily basis the company says that your hair loss will be diminished greatly. They also claim that the ingredients in the product will work to make your scalp the perfect environment for hair to grow. According to the company, the reason for this product working so well is the presence of laurel, in various forms, in the product. The product is said to be equally as effective when used by men and women and is recommended to be used everyday.


This ingredient is in New Angen IV Hair Loss Shampoo in various forms and according to the company this is the main reason that the product works so well. If this claim is true then almost every anti-hair loss product on the market would be just as effective as they almost all contain laurel in one form or another.

What is in it?

A look at the complete list of ingredients for New Angen IV Hair Loss Shampoo reveals nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to a hair loss shampoo, or any other regular shampoo for that matter. The complete list of ingredients is as follows:

* aqua
* cocamidopropyl betaine
* lauryl sulfoaccetate
* laureth sulfosuccinate
* polyquartenium 28
* dimethicone
* silanediol salicylate
* butylene glycol
* sodium chloride
* benzophenone 4
* triethanolamine
* peg-4
* rapeseedamide
* aloe barbadensis extract
* thymus vulgaris extract
* parfum
* propylrnr glycol
* peg-55
* styrene copolymer
* citric acid
* benzyl alcohol

This list looks like it was copied ingredient for ingredient from a whole bunch of hair loss products that are available for purchase today. Many of these ingredients can also be found in a number of regular shampoos that can be found at the super market that does not claim to make you re-grow your hair.

Squeaky clean means hair will grow

Where have you heard this claim before? If you are looking into hair loss products, then the answer is all over the place. Many companies, including the one that makes New Angen IV Hair Loss Shampoo, claim that a clean scalp means that your hair will be able to re-grow. If that claim were true, then that would mean that anyone who is experiencing hair loss must not be washing their hair. Hair loss has about zilch to do with hygiene and even the dirtiest man or woman alive can have a full head of hair, even if it is nasty.


There are many products in this world that are over priced and won’t work like they say they will. Add New Angen IV Hair Loss Shampoo to that list. It’s baseless and un-original claim that a clean scalp means your hair will be able to re-grow is flat out wrong. The product contains no special ingredients and if a clean scalp is what you are after, then go to your local super market and buy the shampoo of your choice and the take the family to the movies with the money you will save. You still won’t re-grow hair, but at least your family will have a nice night out.