New Angen IV Hair Loss Lotion is a topical product that is supposed to fight hair loss both current and future by the way of it’s special ingredient that is absent from all other hair products available today. The main ingredient that the company calls ‘capilistine’ is said to be effective when used on a daily basis and will not only help stop hair loss in it’s tracks, but will prime the scalp for new hair to grow. The product is said to be safe and effective for both men and women, though all the pictures feature men, and is said to also work with the hair loss condition known as Alopecia.


In almost every product on the hair loss market today, it seems that there is some magical ingredient that will not only help your current hair loss situation but also help you to re-grow new hair. In the case of New Angen IV Hair Loss Lotion, that special ingredient is capilistine. The company claims that capilistine is what makes the product work so well, but they do not go into detail about what capilistine is. A quick Google search results in no information either, except for the company’s website, so it indeed a unique ingredients. Here’s the thing though, if all of these ‘special’ ingredients worked so well then we would have a world with no balding of any kind, but we don’t. Despite all these miracle ingredients, hair loss is still a growing epidemic.

How to use

Using New Angen IV Hair Loss Lotion is as easy as washing your hair, I fact it’s just like washing your hair. The product is recommended for use directly after shampooing and is to be massaged into the scalp and not rinsed out. This process is to be repeated on a daily basis. On the company’s website they tell you to repeat this step everyday with ‘wet water’ so make sure the water in your shower isn’t too dry!

Ingredients that may dry and irritate

The ingredients in New Angen IV Hair Loss Lotion are very similar to a great deal of hair loss products available today. What is alarming is the number of ingredients in the product that can in fact dry out your hair and your scalp. Ingredients such as alcohols and acids are present and can not only dry out your hair and scalp but also agitate them as well. What is not in the ingredients list is the miracle additive of capilistine. Perhaps it is so top secret that the company doesn’t even want to print the word.


This one is a no brainier; it won’t work. There is nothing in New Angen IV that will stop your hair from falling out or help you to re-grow new hair. The product claims to work so well because of a special ingredient yet it doesn’t even list that ingredient. Add to that the fact that this company mentions nothing about getting your money back should you be displeased and it all adds up to a big leave it alone.