Neo Leaf is a more recent hair loss solution that finds its origins in the laboratories of Japan. The topical solution has been extensively tested to ensure that it is non-toxic, and the majority of the ingredients in Neo Leaf are all-natural. Neo Leaf is unique in that it addresses hair loss due to environmental factors, such as overuse of chemicals and dyes, damage from frequent styling procedures, dry air, and various other environmental stresses. It is highly regarded by professional stylists and home users alike.

How it Works

In the western world, male pattern baldness generally stems from hereditary factors that trigger a sensitivity to DHT, a powerful hormone that controls the growth of hair on the body. For complex genetic reasons, cultures in the East, including those of China and Japan, experience fewer cases of baldness. When hair loss is experienced by Eastern people, it is often the result of environmental factors rather than heredity. For this reason, Japanese scientists invested a great deal of research leading up to the development of Neo Leaf.

Neo Leaf is a topical solution applied directly to the scalp after shampooing. A small amount of the solution is sprinkled on the scalp, then massaged into the skin. It is said to strengthen hair follicles, as well as renew and protect the hair shafts from exposure to harsh daily routines. Neo Leaf is quite popular among experts and styling gurus as it offers a gentle, in-salon solution for mild hair loss. It is available without a prescription at many department stores, cosmetic stores and internet outlets.


The natural ingredients in Neo Leaf are one of its main draws. However, the solution cannot be considered completely organic as it does contain some mild detergents and other chemicals related to cleansing.


If you have noticed mild hair loss or breakage, particularly after undergoing chemical treatments or during styling, but don’t feel that your problem warrants a trip to the doctor, Neo Leaf may be the ideal product for you. It is a good alternative for someone dealing with hair loss issues for the first time, because it can both repair damage and stimulate healthy hair growth. Its ingredients are naturally-derived and gentle, ensuring little to no side effects from use. If no benefit is observed following regular use of Neo Leaf, it would be wise to seek help from a medical professional to determine the underlying cause of your hair loss.

At $20-40 per bottle, depending on whether you choose the 4-ounce or 8-ounce size, the cost for Neo Leaf is moderate. Because only a small amount is used daily (or twice a day if desired), one bottle will last for quite a long time.

It should be mentioned that anyone suffering from any kind of scalp condition, such as psoriasis, severe dandruff or scalp irritation, should not use Neo Leaf. Because it is a topical treatment applied directly to the skin, the solution can cause existing scalp problems to worsen.

For those whom thinning hair appears to be a result of external forces, rather than a genetic tendency, Neo Leaf offers proven success.