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Muria puama is an herb that has been around and in use for a very long time. In South America there is a lot of support for this herbs stimulating properties. One of its main uses is as an aphrodisiac and has been used as being all around beneficial to supporting men’s health. This herb grows on trees in the Brazil’s Amazon rain forest and the Guyana. The tree can reach such heights as 45 to 50 feet and gives off a light jasmine scent from its white, one-inch long flowers.

Common Uses

Traditionally, healers would use the entire plant for medicine as well as food; however, the bark and the roots are the primary focus of this medicinal plant. It is said to help treat rheumatism, promote good intestinal health and strengthen the heart. It is also said to be a great herbal preventative for baldness. The native people who live in the Amazon would create a mixture by combining it with catuaba and allowing it to sit overnight in warm water creating an amber medicinal infusion. Catuaba is a name used to describe the infusion of bark from trees native to Brazil.

Muria pauma, in relation to strengthening the heart also improves circulation of the blood and the flow of blood to the scalp, which is very important in maintaining a healthy head of hair. One of the major causes of hair loss is related to poor blood circulation. Despite being a large part of the body, the head is still considered to be an extremity of the body. Blood has the hardest time reaching the extremities and because of this, if there are any circulatory issues within a body, the extremities are the first to suffer.

Hair follicles that are continually deprived of blood and nutrients cannot do the job of producing hair, as they should. When this happens, the follicles will shut down and stop producing hair thus leading to baldness. Without proper nutrients, minerals, vitamins and certain amino acids the follicles ability to produce hair can be severely lessened.

Once the blood flow is improved, the hair follicles will begin to receive the needed nutrients, amino acids and vitamins they need to function properly and continue to produce hair. Along with a proper diet and regular exercise, the blood flow will be able to get to the scalp and continue to feed the follicles with what they need to do their job.


By including muria pauma in a medicinal format, it can help prevent hair loss. And promote blood circulation. It can also aid and assist in a host of other problems from which a person can suffer including heart issues, skin issues, and, of course, hair loss or the prevention of hair loss.

In general, this long trusted and used herb can be a boon to the person taking it in more ways than just the prevention of hair loss, it’s been used for centuries and, to this day, still is.

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