magic-sprayMillefolium Magic Spray is yet another concealing product put out by the company Millefolium. Like all of it’s other concealing products, Millefolium Magic Spray is not designed to actually fight your hair loss but rather cover it up. According to the company, the product is perfect foe anyone who is suffering from light to moderate hair loss, sufferers of Alopecia, and thinning hair in general. Said to be safe to use with other products and easy to apply, Millefolium Magic Spray comes in 16 different colors and supposedly let’s you spray your hair loss problems away.

How to use it

Directions for use are not unlike any other hair loss cover-up product that is available on the market today. Specific directions for using Millefolium Magic Spray are as follows:

* Spray at a distance of no more than three to four inches away.
* Spray evenly and continuously over the thinning area.
* Avoid spraying in eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.
* Avoid over-spraying.
* Let hair dry completely.
* Brush hair into place with course tooth styling brush.

Seems simple enough though it does sound like the same type of directions you would expect to find on a can of spray paint. The company does advise those who decide to use Millefolium Magic Spray not to use conditioners in their hair, as this will lessen the adhesive effect of the product.


There are many different hair loss cover-up products that are readily available today, several of which that are offered by Millefolium. In a popular trend that continues with Millefolium Magic Spray, the company says that the product is waterproof. This makes total sense because the last thing you want to have happen is get caught in a light sprinkle shower on your way into the office only to find that your hair color has run down your face and is now meshing rather awkwardly into your clothing. What doesn’t make any sense is the fact that Millefolium Magic Spray, as well as many other hair loss cover-up products, states that the product is easily washed out with shampoo. The key word there is ‘washed’ which generally means with water.


Millefolium Magic Spray is certainly a great way to make your thinning hair or balding areas look darker, but will it look like hair? The notion that a can of spray can effectively and convincingly cover up a bald area is really absurd when you get right down to it. If color is what you seek, you can go down to your local hardware store and buy a can of spray paint in almost any color you can imagine, why limit yourself to 16 choices? For the price you will pay for Millefolium Magic Spray’s four-ounce can, you can actually buy several cans of spray paint and go wild with the colors. True, people will know you have paint on your bald spots, but with Millefolium Magic Spray they will think that anyway and you will simply be out more money. That said, using spray paint to cover-up your balding area is not recommended in the slightest; then again, neither is buying Millefolium Magic Spray.