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millefolium-shampooMillefolium Hair Thickening Shampoo is a protein and vitamin enriched shampoo that is said to thicken your existing hair and make you realize unbelievable hair volume. The product is said to keep the hair and scalp free from harmful oils and is therefore is said to be vital for anyone who has thinning hair. According to the company, Millefolium Hair Thickening Shampoo is unique to any other hair shampoo that is available today because it takes a full day to make. The product is said to be safe and effective for moth men and women regardless of age or race.

Costly ingredients

Directly on the company website you will find the following statement, ‘We use costly ingredients in generous quantities to produce this shampoo.’ Great statement and comforting to read, but the proof is not in the pudding. Nowhere on the entire website will you find a complete ingredients list. The only things that are for sure in this product are Panthenol, which is vitamin B5, and proteins of some sort. There is nothing like backing up your statements with cold hard facts, oh wait, they didn’t. For all you know this product could be made of water and little more, though the price would seem to suggest that they have some sort of precious metal in it.

Use regularly

The company says that regular use of Millefolium Hair Thickening Shampoo will keep the hair and scalp clean and oil free and will lessen the amount of times per week that you have to wash your hair. Most people generally wash their hair daily, but that call is entirely up to you. A more likely cause for the statement is the fact that the product is sold in a small amount. If you were to use the product everyday to wash your hair, the scant four-ounce bottle would not last you very long.

Clean head = hairy head?

It is not known who came up with the notion that if your hair and scalp are clean that your hair loss problems will be solved, but the masses of the hair loss product community have picked up on it and have announced it loudly. The fact is that a clean scalp will produce no more hair that a dirty one and hair falls out of both equally as well. Hair loss is almost all about genetics and really has nothing to do with personal hygiene.


Millefolium Hair Thickening Shampoo seals it’s own fate with its lack of information about the product. Sure they say they use expensive ingredients, but what exactly are those expensive ingredients? For the price you pay for Millefolium Hair Thickening Shampoo you can go to your favorite salon and get your favorite shampoo and conditioner that will have a full list of ingredients on the back label and you will save yourself money in the process. Just remember, the shampoo from your salon will not help you to re-grow new hair or keep your existing hair from falling out, but neither will Millefolium Hair Thickening Shampoo. This product is probably best left alone.

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