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 Kerastase Specifique Activeur 7 is a L’Oreal product that is showcased in many different hair salons. The products in the Kerastase Specifique line are designed to reply to temporary or long lasting scalp imbalances. Activeur 7 is a leave in product and is recommended for people who have hereditary hair loss. When used daily the product is said to help prevent hair loss. The product boasts a special mix of Vitamin B-3 + E complex which is useful for many things, but not particularly hair loss.

How it works

Kerastase Specifique Activeur 7 is leave in product. After washing and towel drying hair the product is applied to damp hair throughout the entire scalp. The product should be massaged into the scalp and not rinsed out. The product is said to have a “strengthening action.” The Vitamin B-3 + E complex increases the blood flow of the scalp and supposedly stimulates the activity that causes hair to grow. The product promises visible results in one month and recommends use of the product everyday for best results.

The key ingredients

Kerastase Specifique Activeur 7 says that its miracle hair regenerator is due to two key ingredients that can be purchased at any drug store:

· Vitamin B-3: Vitamin B-3 is essential for healthy skin, the gastrointestinal tract –your gut-, and the nervous system. But more recently Vitamin B-3 has been proven effective in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and schizophrenia. Interestingly enough there is no mention of Vitamin B-3 combating hair loss.

· Vitamin E: Vitamin E is the collective name for a set of eight related tocopherols and tocotrienols, which are fat-soluble vitamins with antioxidant properties. Vitamin E has proven effective in the fight against prostate cancer, but again nothing is noted about its effectiveness to fight hair loss.

Of the two key ingredients there is no scientific evidence to prove that vitamin B-3 and E combat hair loss either together or on their own. Yet this is the basis for the claim with Kerastase Specifique Activeur 7.


Both Vitamin B-3 and E are essential vitamins that should be taken for a number of reasons, but hair loss is not one of them. While increased blood flow is great for the entire body as well as the scalp it does not make you re-grow your hair. The only way to stop hair loss that is presently known is to block DHT. Unfortunately there is nothing in Vitamins B-3 or E that accomplish this. While the Vitamin B-3 + E complex may indeed strengthen your existing hair, it will not prevent it from falling out. The product claims visible results in about a month and also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. But the guarantee is vague. If you want to try this product you should read the guarantee closely as their definition of results may differ greatly from yours. With the guarantee and results time window so close you will also want to keep a close eye on your calendar as well.

One Comment

  • Selvin


    Is this review written after you having personally used and tested the product?
    If not then talking about what the hair needs and what we need to give is so cliched. Everyone can tell you that.

    I tried this product alongwith for only 2 weeks – using it almost every 3 days.
    The results were- immediate reduction of hair loss (almost from 40 hair strands to 10 – phenomenal aye!), denser hair and less dandruf.

    Oh yes I have had bald patches and i actually see a growth there. 3 weeks is all i gave and i have suffered a hair loss problem since last 3 years.

    Hair restoration research is not there yet. Please don’t be too quick to judge. The blood flow is ofcourse required and there are many ways to stimulate that. Have you heard about Pranayama and nail-rubbing
    I have seen great results with it so much so that I have begun it myself
    since lat 3 months and I have seen growth in my hair – hair which would
    grow only 1.5 inches has grown to 2.8 inches. Yes that is normal growth
    for people who have no hair deficiency. But I do and I cna only thank myself for trying something unconventional.

    I really do not care aout products so much as I do care about my hair.
    Those that are reading this may actually try what has worked for me.

    Take care/


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