just-naturalJust Natural Hair Care Shampoo is exactly what the name implies, an all-natural totally organic shampoo. According to the company it is many of the traditional hair care products that can cause your hair to fall out. They contend that when you use unnatural hair care products that the hair follicles become clogged and not only will this lead to your existing hair falling out, but it will hinder any new hair growth as well. Just Natural Hair Care Shampoo is said to be safe and effective for all who use it regardless of their gender, race, or age and boasts that it imports its ingredients from Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Brazil, India, and Indonesia.

Nature is the answer?

The very notion that an all-organic product can cure your baldness is absolutely a ridiculous one. There is nothing in nature that has proven to be effective in the battle of the receding hairline. If such a claim where true, then our ancestors would have all had thick heads of hair, but as the history books show, many of them were indeed bald or balding and wore white curly wigs. While nature holds the cure for much of what ails you, it does not hold the secret to hair growth.

Imported ingredients

Just Natural Hair Care Shampoo really makes a point in telling you that they import all of their ingredients from Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Brazil, India, and Indonesia. These imported ingredients include:

* Aloe Vera
* Glycerin
* Jojoba Oil
* Macadamia Nut Oil
* Carrot Root Oil
* Yucca
* D-Panthenol
* Grapeseed Oil
* Avocado Oil
* Xantham Gum
* Citric Acid
* Rosemary Oil
* Sage
* Peppermint

While this is indeed a fine list of imported and totally organic ingredients, there is nothing here that can’t be found in a product that is produced in the United States or any other country for that matter. These ingredients are simply organic, not special and there is nothing in them that will allow you to re-grow your hair. Unless it is some secret, it is not known why the ingredients are supposedly better just because they come form a different part of the world.


If you are looking for an all-natural and totally organic way to clean your hair and scalp then look no further than Just Natural Hair Care Shampoo. But if you are looking for an all-natural totally organic way to re-grow your hair, then keep looking, because there isn’t an organic hair loss product yet that can re-grow your hair. A nice clean scalp may have you smelling and even feeling better, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the hair count on top of your noggin. Just Natural Hair Care Shampoo is ‘just a natural shampoo’ nothing more. As there are many organic shampoos available today, you can find one with comparable ingredients in it for a lot less money, though it may not have imported ingredients, but just keep in mind that your hair will still not grow back.