Jojoba grows in the Sonoran deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, and México. Animals native to those areas, commonly eat this seed as the main staple of their diets. People once used this seed for the oil that is inside. It is different than any other vegetable oil. It is similar to the sebum in human skin.

Upon discovery of jojoba, sperm whales were rescued. In years past, sperm whales were slaughtered for their blubber and used in cosmetics. Jojoba ended the need for oil blubber; therefore, companies began using jojoba oil in cosmetics and hair care products. Researchers have just discovered that the oil may be useful as bio diesel.

Because it moisturizes the skin and has chemical properties that are similar to whale blubber, cosmetic manufacturers’ use of this oil liberally in their hair and skin care preparations. Common uses for jojoba include eye makeup removal, skin softener, cleanser, conditioner, laxative, and scalp cleanser.

As an oily product makeup is easily removed. When placed on a Q-tip, you simply rub your eyes until the makeup is safely removed. Rinse with water. Remove the rest of your makeup by placing a few drops on a cotton ball, wiping the cotton bowl over your face and neck, and then rinsing with water. To help hair, place a few drops in your conditioner, and then rinse with water.

Jojoba is very useful as a pesticide in the fight against white flies and powdery mildew. A 1% solution is sprayed on the plant. Not only does the oil kill flies and mildew, but it also fights against pests by forming a barrier between the plant leaf and the insect.

With jojoba, there really is no need for moisturizing lotion. The oil is readily absorbed into the skin. Because of its chemical similarity to skin sebum, jojoba keeps the skin supple and moist.

Jojoba is also used in hair care products like shampoo and conditioner for the same reasons that it is used in skin care products. The oil cleanses sebum and dirt from the hair follicle and scalp. Hair is shiny and glossy, because the waxy oil bonds to the hair shaft. Some experts believe that this cleansing and moisturizing action may help fight hair loss.

There is no concrete evidence that jojoba is useful in the fight against hair loss. However, it is completely non-toxic and will provide moisture and shine to make the hair look healthier. Whether you buy jojoba oil by itself or in the hair care or hair loss product, you can use it with confidence.