Inhairit is touted as an all natural topical hair loss solution used to treat Androgenic Alopecia in men and women. In both sexes, Androgenic Alopecia is caused by both genetic and hormonal factors. In men, the main factor is predisposed sensitivity to and a high level of DHT on the scalp. Inhairit claims that it is able to stop the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Through this action, it is able to reduce and often altogether stop hair loss.

Formulated by a homeopathic doctor and herbalist, Inhairit is composed of herbal, vitamin, and mineral DHT inhibitors. Further its ingredients clear way internal waste inhibiting proper blood flow and nutrient delivery to hair follicles. With proper nutrients reaching the hair’s roots, re-growth can begin. It even claims to grow new hair from old roots that have stopped producing hair.

Inhairit Ingredients

Inhairit is composed of a proprietary blend of natural ingredients which include a natural DHT blocker. In addition to this natural blocker, Inhairit also contains ingredients aimed at improving the overall health of the scalp and hair itself. These ingredients include:

· Ginger: this ingredient increases blood flow and circulation in the scalp thereby helping to deliver needed ingredients

· Neem: this ingredient’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties make it effective at clearing up unhealthy conditions in the scalp that may be impacting health hair growth.

Inhairit Usage

Inhairit is applied daily directly to the effected parts of the scalp. Five to six drops should be applied to each 2 square inches of your scalp being treated. As with similar products, it may take three months or more to see positive results from the use of this product. However, the maker does indicate that results may be seen in as little as one month.

Inhairit Price

Inhairit can be purchased directly from the manufacturer for $99.95 plus shipping and handling. This purchase includes a three month supply that is backed by a 180 day money back guarantee.

Inhairit Conclusion

Inhairit makes some bold claims that just can’t be believed. The product claims to change the way the body internally deals with testosterone and other nutrient issues all through an external mechanism. However, if the scalp currently is not properly taking in nutrients how will it be able to take on and assimilate something external? The claims of this product just do not make sense. Therefore, men don’t waste valuable time and resources on this one.

Finally, the manufacturer indicates that this product can be used to stop hair loss in both men and women. However, the focus of this product is on the treatment of male pattern baldness caused by sensitivity to DHT. Thus, while women could use this product, it is not made up of ingredients that will specially target the causes of their hair loss problem. It almost seems as though the manufacturer decided that it wouldn’t hurt if women used the product so why not market to them as well. Therefore, ladies it is definitely not a product that is worth spending your time or money on!