Iamin is a topical gel containing a tripeptide-copper compound as its active ingredient. It is manufactured by Procyte Corporation. The main use of the water-soluble gel is as a dressing for many types of wounds, as it locks in the moisture necessary to promote the body’s natural healing process while also preventing infection. In addition, some consider Iamin to be effective for the stimulation of hair growth. Proponents tout mild to moderate regrowth of the hair, as well as stronger hair regrowth.

How it is Used

Water-based Iamin gel has long been used by medical professionals as a tool in the treatment of a variety of wounds, including ulcers, burns, cuts, pressure sores, post-operative incisions (including hair transplants), abrasions and other skin damage. The gel is applied liberally to the affected area as a dressing and regularly reapplied, keeping the wound moist and guarding against friction and infection. Iamin is available over-the-counter and via mail order. It is a translucent blue in appearance, and very soothing to the touch.

Some users of Iamin have noticed mild to moderate regrowth of hair with continued use, leading to the gel’s added status as a treatment for hair loss. They also note an increase in the size and strength of the hair shaft. These effects are assumed to be due to the high copper content contained in the gel.


The copper contained in Iamin is the source of its effect on hair. Copper plays an important role in the body’s growth of healthy skin and hair. The mineral is necessary for the production of melanin in the skin, which ultimately determines each individual’s skin, hair and eye color. Copper is also a necessary component in the creation of collagen, which keeps bones, body tissues and skin healthy and flexible. Many of today’s topical beauty creams include copper as an active ingredient due to its ability to promote elasticity and firmness.

Most importantly to those with hair loss, copper results in increased blood flow. It is necessary to supply oxygen to the blood, which is one reason why high blood pressure and heart problems develop in people with copper deficiencies in the diet.


Iamin has been approved by the FDA as an over-the-counter wound treatment. Because of this, the gel has been proven in clinical trials to be safe for everyday use, and is not likely to cause harmful side effects. The hair growth benefits of Iamin have not been clinically tested, although there are many individual claims regarding its positive effects.

However, Iamin’s effectiveness as a treatment for hair loss takes a backseat to its usefulness for dressing wounds and preventing infection. Because it was not originally intended to promote hair growth, Iamin is probably not the best choice to treat male pattern baldness or other hair loss problems. An individual bothered by hair loss and searching for a cure would be better served by the wide variety of highly effective treatments available on the market today. The end result will be faster, more noticeable regrowth with few or no side effects.