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HLCC Complete is a ‘complete’ package when it comes to hair loss. HLCC Complete was engineered by the doctors and researchers at the Hair Loss Control Center who are committed to developing safe and effective treatments for hair loss.

HLCC Complete is an oral hair loss solution that is head and shoulders above the rest. Unlike many of its competitors, HLCC Complete is an herbal supplement that is FDA approved for treating hair loss. Many oral hair loss treatments contain DHT (dihydrotestosterone) blockers intended to inhibit enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT. DHT is suspected to cause prostate enlargement as well as male pattern baldness. HLCC Complete contains a record eight DHT inhibitors that are among the most potent blockers on the market today. The doctors at the Hair Loss Control Center also understand the role of vitamins and minerals in scalp health and stopping hair loss.

Product Ingredients

HLCC Complete contains the following ingredients:
Vitamin B6
Folic Acid
Pantothenic acid
iodine (from kelp)
Zinc (as zinc citrate)
saw palmetto berry extract
marine concentrate (glucosamine sulfate and shark cartilage)

Proprietary Blend:

phytosterol blend:
(beta-sitosterol, campesterol, sitostanol, campestanol)
ho shou wu (fo ti root)
green tea leaf extract
pygeum bark extract
stinging nettle leaf extract
grape seed extract

Make note of the ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce: green tea extract, grape seed extract, saw palmetto berry extract. Grape seed extract works like Minoxidil—increasing circulation to the scalp—but without the side effects.

Using HLCC Complete

Using HLCC Complete is as simple as taking any other daily supplement. Take one tablet twice daily with water.


A 30-day supply of HLCC Complete is $49.95. However, if you buy a year’s supply, you can enjoy a little discount at $399.95 for the year.

Side Effects

HLCC Complete is marketed as an alternative to prescription solutions like Propecia which can have nasty side effects like depression, birth defects, and sexual side effects. However, you should not take HLCC complete if you are allergic to shellfish as the marine concentrate, including glucosamine sulfate and shark cartilage, could spark an allergic reaction. Otherwise, HLCC Complete comes with no side effects and you’re good to go!

Effectiveness of HLCC Complete

All in all, people are raving about HLCC Complete. Many hair loss products boast earth-shattering, miraculous results right before your very eyes. HLCC is honest and realistic about the results Complete users can expect and reviewers have been pleasantly surprised with the results. Some users have even shared that they experience better and faster results than they expected – in as little as three months. The best part about HLCC Complete is that, unlike Propecia or other oral hair loss treatments, women can safely use the product and experience great results.

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