HHP Vitamin Shampoo is another product from Healthy Hair that harps on amino acids being vital for hair growth and regeneration. According to the company, HHP Vitamin Shampoo will deliver all the essential vitamins and amino acids that will make your scalp the optimal place to grow hair. The shampoo has a long list of amino acids that are used and claims that it will not suffocate the hair but rather enrich it and keep it from falling out because it will be healthier. The product is said to be effective in both men and woman alike and is suitable to use as an everyday shampoo.

Hair is protein

The company’s claim that it can keep your existing hair from falling out while promoting new hair to grow is based on the fact that hair is mostly comprised of protein. HHP Vitamin Shampoo is said to contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and more importantly amino acids that are needed to ensure that the scalp is clean and absent of free radicals and thus an ideal place for hair to grow. Along with vitamins and 16 essential amino acids, the product is also said to contain a new healthy hair accelerator formula. Try as you may to find it though it is not said what that formula is, most likely because there isn’t one.

Using HHP Vitamin Shampoo

Because HHP Vitamin Shampoo will not suffocate the hair, the company says it can be used everyday. The procedure for use is not unlike any other standard shampoo available today in that you use a dime to quarter-sized amount of the product, massage it into your hair and scalp, then rinse. Of course you repeat if necessary. Be warned though, the company says for best results you should use a salon recommended hair growth conditioner.

Special features

HHP Vitamin Shampoo boasts several special features that come with using the product which include:
* Enriching hair with nutrients: Makes hair clean, but even clean hair falls out.
* Vitamins for hair growth: No magic vitamin is known to make hair re-grow.
* Amino acids:  Same amino acids can be found in many supplement and won’t re-grow hair.
* Botanicals: Smells great and is all natural, but it does what for hair growth?
* Adds healthy shine and smoothness:  The hair in your drain will be smooth and silky.
* Moisturizes with emu oil: Moisturizing only helps hair if it stays on your head.
* Accelerated formula for fast re-growth: Shhh, it’s a secret.


Yet again a product that is supposed to be able to cure hair loss the all-natural way. This “accelerated hair growth formula” seems to be fancy words as there is nothing in this product that will help your fight against hair loss. Vitamins and amino acids are certainly important to your health, but they do not block DHT, which is the leading cause of hair loss. If you truly believe that a clean scalp and amino acids will cure your baldness, you can always use a regular vitamin enriched shampoo and buy some amino acid supplements at the store and save yourself the money and the hassle of ordering this product.