Herbal Hair Tonic ™ is said to be an all natural topical tonic that promotes the re-growth of hair and prevents existing hair from falling out. The product promises its results by stimulating the scalp and getting good blood circulation to flow throughout the scalp. But this product like many other all natural solutions does not do anything to help you re-grow hair.

Product use

Using the product for one to two months at least once per day is said to restore the thickness of your hair and promote new growth of hair. The product is supposed to be rubbed into your scalp for 15 minutes at a time. The product is said to be safe and effective for both men and woman alike. With proper use the product promises:

· Regained hair in a very short span of time.

· Real shine to your hair.

· Nourishment for your scalp.

· Added strength for your hair.

How it works

The product works by removing away all the impurities from the scalp and existing hair. This in turn will make the hair you have thicker. The all natural herbs in the tonic are also said to improve blood flow and thus promote new hair to grow. The only problem is good blood flow does not stop hair loss or make new hair grow.

All Natural Kick

Herbal Hair Tonic ™, like so many other hair loss products on the market today, is on the “all natural kick.” Many products promise safe and effective solutions for hair loss using a mix of vitamins and other all natural herbs. Usually the key to the all natural argument is increased blood flow throughout the scalp. Herbal Hair Tonic ™ is no different. When it comes to overall health it is true that blood flow is important but it is not that important when it comes to the prevention of hair loss. The only way known to stop hair loss is to block what is known as DHT which Herbal Hair Tonic ™ and other all natural herbal remedies don’t do. While there are products that can combat DHT there are currently not any herbs that can.


Herbal Hair Tonic ™ is an all natural herbal product that promises to re-grow your hair but the company has no evidence to back up its claim save some testimonials on its web site. The web site is filled with great information on what causes hair loss but mentions nothing about how to prevent it besides saying that Herbal Hair Tonic ™ is the best herbal hair loss prevention product on the market. The site is also designed by someone who is not very well versed in the English language and reads like stereo instructions at times. The product does come with a money back guarantee but if you read about the guarantee on the site you may not feel so comfortable about it. Unfortunately Herbal Hair Tonic ™ is yet another all natural product that promotes good blood flow throughout the scalp but will do nothing in the way of helping you re-grow the hair you lost or prevent you from losing more.