OK, first things first and I know you are thinking it. Sounds like methadone right?  Yea, that got me, too. I snickered when I read the name and then the laughing stopped after I looked and saw it claimed to be an all natural herbal remedy for hair loss prevention and re-growth that comes in two different steps that, (of course), work best together.

How it Works

This is a new hair loss product that is available for purchase all over the place except for the website for the company who made the actual product. A website that does not exist at this time. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust a product that comes from a company who couldn’t take the time to pop up a website explaining the product they make for sale online.

Which leads me to the maker/supplier of this product, a company called Selmedica. Selmedica has something of a notorious reputation online as an Internet marketer of a slew of supplement products all of which were questionable. This product, Heradone, falls right into that category as well.


The most populous of ingredients in this product are vitamins, which include Vitamins A, B1, B2, E, C, and D. These are all the same exact thing you get from a standard multivitamin you can purchase over the counter at any drug store. Getting excessive amounts really does no more good as your body only processes a certain amount.

It also contains Saw Palmetto and Valerian root, which, combined, can have the effect of making you drowsy as the day goes on. Saw Palmetto is a mild sedative and can have a mild effect on some people while Valerian Root is a pretty strong sedative and can definitely have an effect on more people.

Saw Palmetto has been shown somewhat to be a DHT blocker but there are better herbs out there that do the same job without making you sleepy. Another thing Heradone can do is help with insomnia and, based on the last paragraph, you can easily see how this is true.

The list of ingredients can definitely make this product look impressive to an uninformed buyer on the Internet and that is why there are many items in this product that have nothing, whatsoever at all to do with hair loss or the re-growth of hair. This product is, essentially, a big fat scam to get you to spend your money on a bunch of herbs that don’t do squat to help with hair loss.

The big capper on Heradone is that it is no longer made at all. There is no website for it. The supplier is questionable at best and you can’t find any real information about this product anywhere aside from where it’s on sale and that you should buy it now! Probably because the sellers are trying to unload the rest of the stock before it expires.


If you are in the market for a hair loss treatment, you really have to do your homework, especially when it comes to herbal treatments. There are no rules as to what is legit and what it not.