HairVive is an all-natural Chinese herbal hair loss supplement. According to the company, the product uses authentic Chinese herbs that the Chinese people have been using for centuries to fight hair loss. HairVive has its own patented blend of herbs with the main herb being He Shou Wu. According to the company’s website, He Shou Wu has been used for thousands of years and is just now gaining popularity in the United States and other countries. The company recommends that you take the product three times per day in the amount of two capsules and the company says for even better results you can double up the dosage. HairVive is said to have no negative side effects because it is all-natural.

What’s in the special formula?

The special formula used in HairVive consists of what the company calls authentic Chinese herbs. The list of herbs found in the product is as follows:

* Polygoni Multiflori, also known as He Shou Wu
* Rehmannia Root, also known as Shu Di Huang
* Glossy Privet Fruit, also known as Nu Zhen Zi
* Mulberry Fruit, also known as Sang Shen
* Goji Berry, also known as Go Ji Zi

Wow, try saying any of those ingredients five times fast.

Where’s the proof?

The old saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding.” Well in today’s world, the proof is in the studies conducted. The company’s website says that the product has tested successfully in independent studies, but offers no proof of the studies, let alone if they indeed took place. This leaves you with the feeling that the company could possibly be making up the stories about the studies in an effort to make the product sound better than it actually is.

No negative side effects?

The company claims that because HairVive is an all-natural product that there are no negative side effects that will be realized. Then on another section of their website, they go into detail about using caution if any of the following occurs while using this product: stiffness of the abdomen, vomiting, diarrhea, or cough. For no negative side effects, that is certainly a lot of hassle. If they don’t consider those side effects negative, then what do they consider negative, partial blindness and or death?


HairVive is another in a long growing list of hair loss companies that throws some Chinese herbs into a product and then claims that the product will cure your hair loss woes. The fact is that the Chinese do not have any special secret when it comes to hair loss. If you take the time to look around, you will see that people from all corners of the earth, including China, are experiencing hair loss. That is because hair loss has almost everything to do with your hereditary and has absolutely nothing to do with where you live or what type of herbs you ingest. Besides, with the ‘no side effects’ that come with this product, you may just want to steer clear and save your stomach from what it looks like may be some serious irritation. If you do insist on buying this product, then you should also invest in some Tums as well. While your hair still won’t re-grow, at least you will be ready to fight the side effects that are not supposed too, but are sure to follow.