hairsorealHairSoReal is the self-proclaimed revolutionary solution to hair loss. The product uses fibers that are made of the same organic Keratin protein as your own hair that are sprinkled onto your head. These artificial hair fibers are textured to supposedly look exactly like your natural hair. Once applied the fibers adhere to your existing hair and give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. The product is said to be effective on anyone with thinning hair and the company claims it can cover any balding area in less than 30 seconds. The product comes in eight different colors and the company says that there is a match for any color and style of hair.

How to use it

HairSoReal is designed to be easy to use and has a four a step direction process as follows:

1. Wash, dry and style your hair as you normally would.
2. Sprinkle the product over the balding area until the scalp is no longer visible.
3. Using your hand, gently pat the microfibers into place.
4. Use your favorite hair spray over the treated are.

While it sounds easy enough to use the results could be suspect.


Although HairSoReal says it is a revolutionary product, it is not. There are many hair fiber sprinkle or sprays available and all have about the same effect. While others cover-up the balding areas better than others, they all must worry about the same things. What happens in the rain, if you sweat, or if the wind blows too hard? What is also not mentioned by HairSoReal on their website is the fact that in order for these hair fibers to bond with our hair, you in fact must have at least some hair in that area. If you were to sprinkle these fibers on a completely bald spot, there will be nothing for them to bond to and you will look like you have a pile of ashes on your head.

Confidence of the product

HairSoReal is so confident of their product that they do not offer any kind of guarantee. Wait, that’s backwards. If a company truly feels that it has a good product on its hands, then they typically back it up with some sort of money back guarantee. Even those that are not so sure about their products will often offer some type of return policy, but just make it difficult to follow. HairSoReal offers you nothing.


HairSoReal does have a revolutionary name that sure sounds like it should help your hair loss problem, but its solution is far from revolutionary. HairSoReal is yet another hair loss cover-up that no matter how good it looks is suspect to the unknown. No one can predict the weather and no one knows when you will or won’t sweat. How embarrassing would it be to be in that big board meeting and as you sweat your “artificial hair” begins to run down your neck? When it comes to cover-ups, they are what they are, cover-ups. But if you insist on buying one, you should at least consider one that comes with plenty of information about the product and more importantly, a guarantee of some sort.