HairPrime hair loss treatment is an all-natural botanical based hair loss product for both men and woman. HairPrime says that its proprietary blends of nutrients naturally inhibit the factors that cause DHT, which is the leading cause of hair loss. HairPrime sells four main products, three of which are supposed to attack hair loss topically and the other being an oral supplement aimed at tackling hair loss from the inside.

Why HairPrime?

According to the company, there is no product that re-grows your hair. They go on to say if that were true then you would grow hair on your palms and anywhere else the hair loss product may contact. Instead they say that the only way for hair to be able to re-grow is a healthy environment.

HairPrime does go on to say that in order to stop hair loss, you must indeed block DHT, and says that its amino acids formulas do just that.

Product line

The company suggests all four of its products –what a shocker- for best results:

* HairPrime Shampoo: The shampoo as formulated cleanses and prepares the scalp for an effective absorption of the HairPrime Herbal Lotion.

* HairPrime Lotion: Combines a concentration of patented extract of certain compounds from specially selected high quality herbs with strategic ingredients intended to deliver an effective and sustained treatment to the scalp.

* HairPrime Scalp Primer: Using a different extract of herbs and a different delivery system, the Scalp Primer enhances the treatment program.

* HairPrime Herbal & Vitamin Supplement: Incorporate herbs recognized in herbal medicine that supposedly enhance hair growth and melanization and herbs intended to address hair loss related to scalp inflammation caused by immune system responses.

The company states that each product could be used as a standalone, but also tells you that they work best in conjunction with one another and that using the products together at the same time will give you your best results. The company also says that the products must be used faithfully every day for several months before results are seen.


HairPrime products are made up of many different herbs and botanicals but none have really been proven to re-grow new hair. They tout ingredients such as green tea extracts, Palmarosa Oil, citric acid, and a multitude of vitamins all in an attempt to convince you that these will somehow work better together in these products then say a multi-vitamin or supplement.


The problem with the statements made by HairPrime is that they are flat out incorrect. First of all, you will not grow hair on your palms as there are no follicles that are present. As far as the rest of your body, each area that does grow hair is unique and not going to react in the same way as the hair on the top of your head does. That being said, if some of a hair loss product gets on your hands or other body parts, it is safe to say no hair will grow. Secondly, if amino acids were so good at blocking DHT and thus preventing hair loss, then a good supplement found at your local health food store would do the trick and do it for a lot less money. All that aside, try as you will, but you won’t find any type of guarantee attached to this product. Not even one for your money back less shipping and handling. If you plan on buying these products, do so at your own risk.