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The Hair Stimulator uses a combination of magnetic therapy, non-evasive acupuncture therapy, and pulse electro therapy to stimulate good blood flow in the scalp. By doing so, the company claims that vitamins are better able to reach the hair follicles and that this will promote hair growth. The unit is battery powered and has an adjustable power-level slider on the side of the unit. Unfortunately the Hair Stimulator seems to be another in a long line of hair loss products that will do little more than stimulate your scalp, which will not help you grow your hair back.

How to use

Using the Hair Stimulator is as easy as brushing your hair. The company says that the Hair Stimulator should be used by holding down the non-evasive pins to the scalp and then moving the Hair Stimulator in a brushing motion on all areas of the head, not just the areas that are bald or balding. This brushing motion should be done for 15 to 20 minutes per session, two times per day. The company warns that you should not use the product on a wet scalp or after any hair products such as moose or gel have been applied. The product is also to be avoided if you have a pacemaker.

Level of comfort

The company says that the technique used is non-evasive. But the company also states on its website that using the product may give a slight level of discomfort at first. They say that this can be avoided by using a more brisk brushing movement or by turning down the unit’s power via the slider on the side. If it is non-evasive, why then is there any level of discomfort?

Results vary?

While the Hair Stimulator has some really impressive before and after photos of people who supposedly used the product, there is no mention on the website as to how long you should use the product before you can expect results. They do say that for best results the product should be used twice daily, but that’s it, no mention of how long. This may lend some level of concern, as the unit is battery powered and therefore susceptible to breaking down overtime as many electronic units do. If the unit breaks down and no results have been seen, you may be out of luck


These days in the world of hair loss products, good blood flow of the scalp achieved through stimulation and massaging seems to be all the rage. If massaging the scalp cured baldness then anyone who washes his or her hair properly -by massaging the shampoo into the scalp- would be safe from hair loss. The fact remains that in order for a hair loss product to be successful, it has to do far more than to stimulate the scalp. The Hair Stimulator, while different in its approach, will do no better than any other scalp-stimulating product. Tie that to the fact that there is absolutely no mention of a guarantee anywhere to be found on the website and the Hair Stimulator becomes a very expensive risk that you may not wish to take.

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