Wouldn’t it be wonderful to simply drink away your hair loss? Well good news, straight from the orient comes Hair Regenerator Herbal Tea, yet another miracle potion that is said to stop hair loss and this time it’s drinkable. The tea is said to works with the body to promote good circulation in the scalp and thus promote hair growth. The tea also contains many different Chinese herbs that are said to give your scalp all the nourishment it needs.

Easy to use

Simply steep three to five minutes in hot water and either drink hot or refrigerate and enjoy as iced tea. The company says to use two to four bags per day for maximum results.

Miracle ingredients

Hair Regeneration Herb Tea is made of privet, flowery knotweed, eleuthero, black sesame, and Solomon Seal. Chinese medicine uses their blood circulation promoting, internal secretion regulating, liver and kidney nurturing, and bacteria and fungus inhibiting properties to maintain hair growth and to fend off premature grey hair.

According to Hair Regenerator Herbal Tea, these main ingredients are the reason for the miraculous effects against hair loss.

More information on the main ingredients follows:

* Privet: Poisonous to horses, so keep Mr. Ed away.
* Flowery Knotweed: Widely used Chinese herb that is said to rejuvenate the body.
* Eleuthero: Mild anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
* Black Sesame: Popular ingredient in some Chinese soups and rolls.
* Solomon Seal: Wild plant native to Britain.

While this is an impressive list of herbs, they can be found in many different herbal teas. The only difference is that those specific teas will not claim to re-grow your hair. Even if you take the bags out of the water, drink the tea and then rub the bags on your head, you still will not re-grow any new hair or prevent your
existing hair from falling out.


No, this is not a joke; this is really a product that is sold. It does seem like a product you would buy for your dad or your friend to give to them as a gag gift on their birthday, but the company insists it is legit. Hair Regenerator Herbal Tea is not the only company to tout good blood circulation for hair growth, but they are the only to do so in the form of hot tea.

But good circulation is not vital for hair growth. It is nice to have for your health, but it will not block the production of DHT, the main cause of hair loss. The company seems to rely on the fact that the herbs in this tea are oriental and this somehow is supposed to lend to its credibility. When did the Chinese corner the market in hair loss prevention anyway?

It seems that there are plenty of balding Chinese people too; you’d think they would know about this tea by now. The only good thing about this product is the price. All things considered it is not too expensive, but it still costs more than a typical box of herbal tea. But if you do buy this product and you enjoy the taste at least all will not be lost.