Hair Regain is a herbal hair re-growth product that claims to re-grow missing hair in an all-natural way. This product is sold in a two-part system that includes a topical treatment and a revitalizing shampoo. You can use one and not the other but as with most systems, it is better that you get both and use them together.

How does it work?

One aspect of the system is DHT blocking. DHT is a form of testosterone that is bigger and badder than normal old testosterone and it is not hair friendly at all. If your body produces too much DHT you will most likely experience hair loss and this is normally a genetic thing that will or will not happen.

By blocking DHT so it doesn’t bond with the hair follicle, you can prevent hair loss, this is a proven fact; however, how much will you need to effectively make a difference in your genetic situation? Well, that all depends on you and your genes and knowing how serious your situation, this can best be determined by a doctor or specialist.

Let’s talk ingredients because all herbal fixes are different:

  • Lemongrass – this has been found to cause cancer cells to ‘commit suicide’ in lab tests. The oil can be used to cleanse oily skin and it helps in digestion.
  • Horsetail – this was, in Roman and Greek times, used to help stop bleeding, heal ulcers and wounds and aid in kidney problems. It has also been recently found to help in the prevention of osteoporosis as it contains an important protein found in connective tissues, skin and bones.
  • Sage – this herb has been touted to cure just about any and everything throughout the centuries and recently as an aid in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been used as an astringent and antifungal treatment. It can cause problems with central nervous system stimulants or depressants.

There are other ingredients but they all read about the same. Over the centuries, herbs have been said to cure just about anything that can be thought of and help with just as much stuff. While it may contribute to helping prevent hair loss it is up to debate as most of them are only good for one thing.

Now, lets talk about the package and system that is Hair Regain. There are two steps to the system, the topical treatment and the revitalizing shampoo. Used together they, of course, work better than alone and there is a package price when you order them together as opposed to separately.

The topical treatment may take from 3 to 6 months to show any results and at that point you can drop the treatment from daily to weekly. The shampoo does not state a frequency of use and just states to wash, leave it in for a few minutes and rinse. You may then use whatever conditioner you like.


The whole concept behind the herbal treatment is that it has no standards or guidelines at all. They can put whatever they want in it and as little as they want of the herb and call it a treatment program.