Hair Genesis is a herbal hair loss treatment from a company with the same name as the product. The price range for this product goes from $70 for the one-month starter kit up to $360 for the 12-month supply. Right off the bat that tells me it’s worth a lot less then what they are selling it for. I am skeptical of products whose deals get that awesome the more you buy.

What is in Hair Genesis?

A whole lot of herbal ingredients, beeswax, green tea and extra virgin olive oil and coloring agents make up the oral soft gels. These gels are hair vitamins and DHT blockers. There are some ingredients in this product that are actually supposed to be herbal DHT blockers but the dosage is in question.

Normally when prescribed something you are given a dosage that is supposed to be the best amount of the drug in question to help with your problem. When you buy something like this hair vitamin, the amount you are getting can actually be way too low for what you need which means it’s effectiveness is negated completely. You get better results the more you buy their other products to work in conjunction with Hair Genesis.


The topical activator serum has many of the same ingredients as the gel pills however; this is something you rub on your head. By simply adding 1ml of this concoction to the affected area and rubbing it you can add a ton of 5AR inhibitors to your scalp and help the hair grow and for added effectiveness you should also buy the next item.

How it Works

The revitalizing cleansing and thickening shampoo also has a slew of stuff in it that can help block DHT from binding to the hair cuticle. The purpose of this shampoo, aside from making your hair thicker, which I don’t believe shampoo can do at all, conditioners sure, shampoo nah, is to prevent DHT from sticking to the hair. Of course it works even better if you use the following.

The revitalizing hair and scalp conditioner is the last step in the system. This is a basic conditioner that does what all conditioners do, helps to reseal the damaged hair follicle from the shampoo and make it smoother and more manageable. It also claims to add another layer of DHT blocking abilities.

Now, if you have followed this information you will notice that, although you can use each by itself and without the others, you only get the true benefit if you use them all together. That is not called medicine it’s called marketing and it’s a system that’s for sure. The whole package is much better for you than anything by itself


The goal is to get you to buy all four products and then, when you run out of it you buy the whole package again because you can’t believe that it will work without using all of it. There are a lot of items out there that claim to do something but only if you buy a whole mess of products. That’s just how they get more money out of you for the same thing over and over.