God, Bless the Hair Loss Industry

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And when you’re done blessing them, smite them down with all of your righteousness! 

I am sick, tired, and disgusted with these so-called “health” businesses selling dreams and hopes to millions of desperate men and women.  It is a crying-shame when good folks spend their hard-earned money on overpriced supplements, (no, let’s call them Vitamins) that can be bought over-the-counter.

The government refuses to step-in and legislate bills to protect gullible consumers.  Oh sure, they’ll play coy and hide behind their FDA alibi.  But why won’t they come out and denounce these fraudsters?   It’s because the hair loss industry is a billion dollar business, which equates to huge revenue for local and federal governments.   We already know Uncle Sam loves to dip his beak into the pockets of consumers; this is just another clever way to get your money.

I’m a hair loss product critic and I still get sucked in when I hear there’s a “new and exciting hair loss breakthrough”.  It’s sort of like hearing there’s a cure for cancer, AIDS, or they’ve finally found Bigfoot.  I’ll approach cautiously optimistic, only to be disappointed again and again.

I’m to the point to where I can just glance at the hair loss product ingredients and know if it’s going to work.  If the main ingredients are Vitamin B Complex, Saw Palmetto, Copper, etc, my job is easy.  I simply start pounding my keyboard, exposing these blood-sucking parasites; because 99.93456% of the times, these products are a sham!

I’ll admit, I do get satisfaction when I can unveil shady companies.  However, my enjoyment really comes when I can praise a legitimate hair loss treatment.

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