From the product line of Ronco comes the GLH “Great Looking Hair” Hair System Regular Kit. That’s right the same company that brings you rotisserie ovens and really sharp steak knives now wants to offer you a solution for going bald. This three part system is said to be for everyone and promises to give you a spectacular head of hair with very little effort. Simply spray away your baldness. But wait there’s more.

How it works

The GLH system is comprised of three components:

•    GLH Shampoo: GLH Shampoo is best used with GLH Colored Hair Thickener. Leaves your hair soft and manageable. Also great for daily shampooing use. Won’t dull or damage your hair.

•    GLH Thickener Spray: Great looking hair in a flash. Gets rid of bald spots for men; solves thinning hair problems for women.

•    GLH Finishing Shield: Give your GLH Colored Hair Thickener-treated hair a natural look. Use GLH Finishing Shield and have that fabulous hair in seconds.

The three step system will supposedly make your hair look full and great, but keep in mind it is only a cover up. There is nothing in any of the products to keep your existing hair from falling out or to promote new hair to grow.

Who can use it?

According to the company, these products can be used by men and women alike and can be used for any of the following ailments:

•    Small, medium and large bald spots: They’ll cover you no matter how bald you are.
•    Fine or thinning hair: Seems obvious if they cover totally bald.
•    Gray appearing between colorings: Like colored hairspray.
•    Hair transplant patients -plugs, patches-: When all your fake hair isn’t enough.
•    Users of Minoxidil and similar formulas: Nothing like doubling up on treatment.

Really when you look at it there isn’t anyone that the GLH system won’t help; or so they say.


Finally a hair loss product as cheesy as its inventor. Ron Popeil has been hawking stuff on infomercials for decades now. In fact, he has been called the father of the infomercial. What he isn’t though is a problem solver of hair loss. The GLH system is only a cover up and will not re-grow your hair or keep the hair you still have from falling out. What it will do is offer you a temporary fix. But if you have ever been privy to one of Ronco’s hundreds of infomercials that Mr. Popeil does and you have seen Mr. Popeil’s hair, you may not want to even consider this product. He is a self confessed user of the product and his hair looks about as realistic as Michael Jackson’s nose. While there is no doubt the product will cover your bald spots, there is also no doubt that a three dollar can of spray paint does just as good of a job. The only plus to this product is that if you “act now”, you may get yourself a really cool set of steak knives free with your order.