Fullmore Colored Hair Thickener is a “new colored hair thickener that immediately makes your thinning hair look thick and full. As a convenient aerosol spray it may be the quickest way to conceal many forms of hair loss,” according to the website of the manufacturer Spencer Forrest. The website further claims that Fullmore is a “special blend of space-age polymers and tiny, colored fibers that bond to your hair. In just seconds, bald spots disappear and thin hair looks thick and full again.”

I have to admit, any product that markets itself as “space-age” technology sounds a bit George Jetson to me, so lets take a look at Fullmore Colored Hair Thickener and see what we find.


Dimethyl Ether
Hydrofluorocarbon 152A
SD Alcohol-40
Propylene Glycol
PVP/PA Copolymer
PEG-75 Lanolin

May also contain Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Aluminum Powder.

Dimethyl Ether- This is a propellant used in aerosol sprays. It is highly flammable.

Hydrofluorocarbon 152A- A combination of hydrogen, fluorine and carbon atoms. Hydrofluorocarbon was introduced as a safer alternative to the ozone layer. It is used mostly as a propellant in aerosol sprays. Even though it is classified as a safer alternative, Hydrofluorocarbon is still dangerous to the ozone layer.

SD Alcohol 40B- A high grade purified cosmetic alcohol that evaporates instantly. It is used to transport ingredients to the skin and then leave them there. It may help to kill bacteria and it is considered gentler on the skin than rubbing alcohol.

Propylene Glycol- Used to hold cosmetic ingredients and transport them out of the can. It is great for hydrating dry skin but some people may to ; excellent for hydrating dry skin but some people have allergic-type reactions to this ingredient

PVP/PA Copolymer- This is an adhesive. It’s probably a fairly good one too, because it’s also used in wallboard joint compound!

PEG-75 Lanolin- a type of lanolin, a fatty substance used in cosmetics, hair products

Silica- Used to absorb water and reduce foaming. It really isn’t something you want to inhale, but it is very common in cosmetics

Fullmore Colored Hair Thickener may also contain:

Iron Oxides- Are compounds of iron that are used as colorings in some cosmetics. In their crudest form, iron oxides are known as rust.

Titanium Dioxide- A mineral found in the earth. In cosmetics, it is used as a thickener, a lubricator and a sunscreen ingredient. It protects the skin from both UVA and UVB radiation and shouldn’t cause any skin irritation.

Aluminum Powder- Metallic element used as a coloring agent. It is composed of finely ground particles of aluminum. Permanently listed (since 1977) by the FDA as a safe coloring additive.

Disclosure of Ingredients

The good news is I couldn’t find any complaints about the information disclosure practices of Fullmore Colored Hair Thickener. The bad news is I am left to assume the ingredients are disclosed on the packaging.


Despite looking into each listed ingredient in Fullmore Colored Hair Thickener, I can find nothing that makes it anything other than hair spray with color added. However, it really doesn’t market itself as anything other than that, so fair is fair. The website claims “Fullmore is a revolutionary new concept in the treatment of thinning and balding hair.” I didn’t find anything in the ingredients that seemed very revolutionary or space age, but the reviews I found (on other sites) were mostly positive. In fact, I only found about 9 % that considered the product to be “fair” or “poor.” The website offers pictures that show how to use the spray as well as a few testimonials.


Fullmore Colored Hair Thickener sells for $21.95 for a 7.5 oz. can. It comes in the following colors: Auburn, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Gray and White. Shipping costs are $5.95 for 7-10 day delivery, $19.95 for 2-4 day delivery and $29.95 if you need it tomorrow.


The guarantee is straightforward. Return the product in any amount, even if it’s empty, and you’ll get your money back, less shipping and handling charges. You do need to call and request a return authorization number.


Overall, if you are looking for a product that will hide your thinning hair, go ahead and give it a try. It doesn’t seem to be much more than hair spray with coloring, but 68% of reviews I found that were not on the company’s website rated the product as “Good” or “The Best.” The product is said to be safe with other treatments for hair loss, including minoxidil and Propecia┬«. And hey, it’s not everyone who uses “space-age polymers” on their hair!