Follicle Treatment Essence is an all-natural herbal topical hair loss product and should be used directly after shampooing and drying your hair. The product supposedly gets deep into the follicles to deliver the proper vitamins and minerals that the company says is important to ensure strong hair growth as well as new hair growth. The product is said to be effective for men and women alike and works equally well regardless of age or race.

How to use

According to the company, the product should only be applied to dry hair that has just been shampooed. Directions call for the product to be gently massaged into the scalp, which will allow the product to penetrate the follicles and should be used at your discretion when it comes to amount and frequency.

A little bang for a lot of buck

These days in the fast paced world of hair loss products, there seems to be a growing number of companies that give you very little product yet charge you a great deal of money. In the case of Follicle Treatment Essence, it is no different. The product comes in a tube and sports a measly 1.3 ounces for a price that won’t break the bank, but is still not justified. The biggest problem is that the product’s instructions tell you to use it at your discretion when it comes to frequency and amount, so if you use quite a bit of the product it may only last you a week or so and that “not so high price” just got higher.

Backing a product

Of the numerous hair loss products available for purchase today, a number of them offer a money back guarantee of some sort. How hard it is to actually get your money back is another story, but many at least try to make you feel good about your purchase by saying that they come with a money back guarantee should you be displeased. This is not the case with Follicle Treatment Essence as there is absolutely no mention or information of any kind about a guarantee anywhere on the company’s website. This means if you by this product you are married to it and there is no going back so you should make sure that you absolutely want what the product has to offer.


Follicle Treatment Essence is another in a long list of all-natural herbal hair loss products that claims to be able to help you to re-grow your lost hair. They will offer you the typical before and after photos and the testimonials but everyone knows that those can and have been faked. Put simply, there is nothing in nature that has been proven to re-grow your hair, at least not yet. If you do insist on staying the all-natural path, at least do it with a product that comes with some type of recourse should you be displeased with the product. You may spend a bit more than you would with Follicle Treatment Essence, but at least you will have some chance of retrieving your hard earned money should you find the product to be a flop.