Fluridil is a substance designed to improve the quality of hair follicles. Through this action, it stops and in many cases reverses hair loss. It is currently marketed as Eucapil in the Czech Republic and can be purchased in all EU countries. Earlier this year, North Park Aesthetics purchased the right to market products containing Fluridil worldwide.

Fluridil containing products are targeted at men and women whose hair loss is influence by male hormones. It is applied directly to the scalp, but like other products on the market, it is not absorbed systemically into the body. While it is affective and absorbed in the scalp region, it breaks down upon entering the circulatory system. This aspect of the product should avoid the unintended but nonetheless present side effects of many other ingested and topical hair loss products.

Fluridil products have been shown to decrease hair loss within a few weeks and also increase hair diameter giving greater scalp fullness after about 3 months. Individual’s whose hair loss is mild, have viable hair follicles and are in the beginning stages of hair loss benefit the most from Fluridil. However, in trials, individuals who were already bald in an area did regain some hair growth in 3 to 4 months. The “hair” was of a baby fine consistency, but is speculated over time to strengthen and transform into normal appearing hair.

Fluridil Ingredients

Products, such as Eucapil, contain 2% Fluridil.

Fluridil Usage

Fluridil (2ml of 2% Fluridil in carrier) is applied directly to a dry scalp daily.

To apply, open individual product packet, tilt head back to ensure product distribution on the target area and to keep it from coming into contact with eyes. Once, the product is on the scalp gently massage it in. Do not wash product out and avoid getting water on the area after application.

It is noteworthy that Fluridil degrades in water. Therefore, the treatment for accidental ingestion or contact is to drink or apply water. Potentially a handy feature for those who are accident prone!

Fluridil Price

Currently, products containing Fluridil are not available for sale in the United States. Some may be purchased in EU countries and may be able to be imported. Currently, Eucapil, a Fluridil containing product, can be purchased online (in EU countries) from a company called Interpharma €76 for a 2 month supply, €112 for a 3 month supply, and €145 for a 4 month supply.

Fluridil Conclusion

Fluridil sounds promising. However, currently the most significant issue with this ingredient and products made of it is its availability. Likely the second largest is that it is relatively new; therefore, while the research into the product may be promising, there has not been sufficient time for all potential side effects to be known. Fluridil, fortunately, has not been shown to be absorbed via the scalp and incorporated into the body like other products and ingredients. At the same time, being a human guinea pig is not typically advisable when there are so many other products available on the market.