fast-growFast Grow Vitamins for Ethnic Hair Growth is a hair loss vitamin supplement made by the company Exotic Allure that is gears specifically towards ethnic hair growth. According to the company it is a ‘fact’ that hair needs certain vitamins to grow. As seem in the past, this is a fallacy, but this company takes the false claim to another level and claims that Fast Grow Vitamins for Ethnic Hair Growth will somehow help only ethnic hair to grow. After taking a look at the ingredients however, there is nothing out of the ordinary in this product that cannot be found in the typical hair loss vitamin supplement.

Special ingredients for ethnic hair growth

According to the company’s website, it is the special mix of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in the product that makes it a custom fit for ethnic hair. But a closer look at the complete list reveals that there is nothing out of the ordinary in the product that would suggest it is any different than any other hair loss vitamin supplement or the average multivitamin for that matter. A complete list of ingredients is as follows:

* Vitamin B12
* Vitamin B6
* Niacin
* Biotin
* Pantothenic Acid
* Silica
* Inositol
* Choline
* He Shou Wu
* Horsetail
* Iron
* Iodine
* Folic Acid
* Zinc
* Vitamin A
* Vitamin E
* Flax Seed Oil
* Linoleic Acid
* Borage Oil

Along with these vitamins and minerals there is also a ‘proprietary’ blend of amino acids, which is just fancy talk for, the same old same old. If you were to look at ten different hair loss vitamin supplements you would find essentially the exact same ingredients, so how these supplements help ethnic hair grow better than any other product available today is anyone’s guess.

Vitamins make hair grow?

What a great line! Unfortunately it is totally false. There is nothing in vitamins or minerals or even amino acids that will make you re-grow hair or keep your existing hair from falling out. What seems to be happening in the fly-by-night world of hair loss products is company’s taking advantage of the ignorance of others. Because hair loss is such a big problem in the world, people will do almost anything to reverse the effect. As shady as it is, there are many companies that will simply tell these individuals what they want to hear in order to sell them a product. Just because something is said, doesn’t mean it is true, so you must be wary of false claims.


Fast Grow Vitamins for Ethnic Hair Growth is just another hair loss vitamin supplement that will do little more than make your health improve. While you may feel better as a whole taking these, you will not re-grow any hair and for the price, you can get a great multivitamin for a lot less that will have the same effect. The biggest problem with this product is that it claims to be special and help ethnic individuals to re-grow hair, but when you look at the ingredient list all you do you find is your everyday run of the mill hair loss vitamin supplement, nothing more, nothing less.