Another in the list of Fabao Hair Re-growth products, Fabao 101G is an herbal-based lotion that you apply to the part of your head that is suffering from missing hairs. This product, like all Fabao products was created in China by the dermatologist Dr. Zhangguang Zhao and like all other Fabao products has nothing in it to help with hair loss.


This product, like Fabao 101-F, has a long list of herbal ingredients that you can pretty much find on a shelf in a local drugstore. Now there are many herbal remedies for the prevention and treatment of hair loss and this one is no different from the rest of them. You have to look at the ingredients to know what it will do.

  • RadixGinseng – this is a substance that is used in everything from hair loss treatments to energy drinks and is supposed to help the body by reducing stress as well as having antioxidant properties. The Radix variety is also claimed to help invigorate lung energy, invigorate wei-energy, hair has a lot of wei in it you know and it helps promote the production of body fluid to quench your thirst. Growing hair is thirsty work it seems.
  • Radix Salviae Miltorrhizae – helps with blood circulation, relieves pain, promotes regular menstruation and for the gents, that’s very important to you I’m sure.
  • Radix Sophorae Flavescentis – this one helps you urinate, clears out heat and dampness and disperses wind. That’s what I said, disperses wind.

Now that some of the hair restoring ingredients are listed, there are more but, they don’t get much better that the three listed, we can talk about how people go bald because the reason for the problem is more important than the problem itself. If you know the cause, you know how you need to go about fixing the problem.

How it Works

In Male Pattern Baldness the cause is genetic in nature, this means that something in the genes of the person in question is causing the loss of hair. If this is the reason then there are specific treatments available that combat the genetic cause of the problem and this normally is done with DHT blockers. Fabao 101-F has nothing in it to help with this at all.

If the reason is not genetic, it is most likely environmental, meaning that something the person in question is exposed to on a regular basis is causing the problem. The threat is from without and not within. This is most likely the main cause of baldness in China where Male Pattern Baldness is not a very common thing at all. Fabao 101-G still has nothing in it to help with that.


Fabao 101-G has a lot of stuff in it that does a lot of different things and they mostly all have to do with the blood and how it flows through the body. Don’t get me wrong, blood flow is important but it is not a means to cure hair loss at all. It can help in general for better health but just not specifically hair loss.