Fabao 101 is a topical lotion created in China by Dr. Zhangguang Zhao. It’s an herbal-based lotion that was formulated in accordance with Chinese medical theories as they relate to hair loss and re-growth. The main function of this treatment is to promote blood circulation and other effects on the blood in general and how it relates to the hair follicle.

How it Works

How this product actually works is not known at all. There have been many claims as to its hair loss treatment; however, there have been no clinical tests done outside of China and we have no idea the standards or methodologies used in the testing done there. There has been no documentation found on those clinical tests so, for all that we know, it had very low criteria to be considered a success.

The cause of baldness in two different part of the world can be very different especially when there are two different cultures involved. The causes of baldness are different in the western world as opposed to in China. In the western world, male pattern baldness seems to mainly stem from hereditary factors that contribute the a sensitivity to DHT, the main cause of male pattern baldness. The frequency of baldness in the Chinese is significantly lower and may mainly result from environmental factors. Environmental factors may contribute to hair loss in the western world; however, it has no effect on the genetic factors involved.


One thing is for certain; Fabao 101 Formula is not considered a drug but just a topical cream. It has no specific ingredients in it that are known as hair loss treatment items. It contains Ginseng, which is touted as being good for blood circulation but nothing specific to hair loss.

The cream has no perfumes in it at all so it carries a lovely herbal odor. You may want to just use it at night unless you want to smell like grass and dirt. The lotion is also alcohol based and that means it can easily dry out your scalp. Typically, a dry scalp is a bad thing especially if you have a bald spot.

Male pattern baldness is caused by the excessive creation of DHT in the body. DHT is known to restrict hair growth as well as cause other problems in the body. Fabao 101 has nothing in it at all that will aid in the reduction of DHT. All it really seems to do is dry out the scalp, help the blood flow better to the areas where it is applied and make you smell like those herbal vitamins you can buy at the pharmacy.


Now, blood flow is very important to hair growth but when the cause of that hair loss is hereditary and genetic in nature, it won’t make a difference unless the cause of the genetic problem is addressed. This untested lotion can’t do that at all, it just doesn’t have the ingredients in it to help with that aspect of hair loss and the re-growth of the hair.