Fabao 101-F is a topical lotion created in China by Dr. Zhangguang Zhao. It’s an herbal-based lotion that was formulated in accordance with Chinese medical theories as they relate to hair loss and re-growth. The main function of this treatment is to promote blood circulation and other effects on the blood in general and how it relates to the hair follicle.

Let’s talk about what’s inside this formula:

  • Ginseng – this is a substance that is used in everything from hair loss treatments to energy drinks and is supposed to help the body by reducing stress as well as having antioxidant properties.

  • Angelica Archangelica Root – has nothing do to with hair loss at all, it’s often used to flavor things like gin.

  • Wolfberry Fruit – this has been in used in Chinese herbal medicine for a very long time and can, from what I see, aid in the curing, fixing or repairing of just about anything you can think of, seriously, that’s what people claim about it.

  • Rhizome of Szechwan Lovage – first of, yes that is what it is called. Apparently it helps in activating the blood and other blood related stuff.

  • Skip a bunch of stuff I can’t pronounce at all.

  • Ethyl Alcohol – the type of alcohol you can drink.

  • Water – ok I know what that that one is.

Anyway, when you look through the entire list of what is in this product it reads like any other thing on the shelf that you just can’t pronounce. This lotion, however, has nothing in it that is specifically designed to target towards hair loss and re-growth of lost hair.

Hair loss can have two different causes in general.

  • Genetic – this is where the genetic code in the body leans towards a behavior that is conducive to hair loss. This can stem from a hereditary strain. So if Grandpa is going bald, you may want to start thinking about it, too. Drugs are needed to combat this type of baldness.

  • Environmental – this is where the baldness is a direct result of the area or environment the person is in. Either an extremely dry environment, or by being exposed to chemicals such as radiation. Either way, it’s not coming from inside the body but outside.

Ok now that the two types are known it is also important to point out that baldness is much more prevalent in the west than it is in the east. The causes for baldness in China are more than likely environmental in nature where in the west, the main cause is genetic. A bunch of herbs dripped onto your scalp is not going to reverse genetic male pattern baldness no matter how much you wish it would.


Lastly, the ethyl alcohol ingredient needs to be mentioned. Alcohol, aside from being able to make other people more interesting, has a serious drying effect. This means it dries out whatever it touches, in this case, your scalp. A dry flaky scalp is counterproductive to growing hair while it can actually aid in losing more hair. So, unless your scalp is very oily, this will make things worse before they get better.