Simply put, this product is supposed to thicken your hair. You are supposed to instantly see improved, thicker looking hair. Forgive me if I have my doubts.

How to Use

You are supposed to apply a few drops to your hair after shampooing. You then let it sit for 15 seconds. (I guess that is supposed to give it time to work its magic?). You can then style as usual.


Deionized Water—Water from any source that has been purified.

Bio-Ferm® Herbal Complex including:

Jojoba—is a plant-based ingredient that is used in many hair care products. It cleans the scalp by removing sebum that can plug the hair follicle. Anti-oxidants are known to help prevent free radical damage, a known cause of aging. Jojoba has an abundant supply of anti-oxidants. Jojoba is also thought to prevent dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from damaging the hair follicle.

Panthenol (vitamin b-5) Panthenol works by moisturizing the hair and skin. It penetrates the layers of skin where it becomes Vitamin B5. Panthenol has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of skin conditions, wrinkle treatment, etc. It has also been shown to add moisture and shine to hair, which is why the ingredient is so popular in shampoos and other hair care products.

Saponaria—also known as Soap Wort. This perennial flower has been used for years as a soap and herbal remedy. It became known as Soap Wort due to its lathering properties. It works for hair by cleansing the hair and scalp. There also may be some soothing effect on scalp conditions.

Yucca—Native Americans once used Yucca soap to cleanse the hair and for hair loss.

Rosemary—An herb that removes sebum and is thought to increase circulation.

Chamomile—long known as a soothing herb, chamomile works by calming scalp irritation and may help improve circulation.

Comfrey—This herb has traditionally been used as a wound healer. It seems to promote cell growth and calms.

Arnica—It may reduce hair loss.

Juniper—This berry cleans sebum and dandruff.

Horsetail—This contains an abundance of Silica, a mineral thought beneficial in hair, skin, and nail growth.

Wheat Protein Complex—Protein is necessary for health, but I’m not sure what benefit it has when applied to the scalp.

Polyquaternium-10—This ingredient is included in a lot of hair care products. It helps flatten the hair.

PVP-VA—This is a polymer chemical. It is used in hairsprays and hair gels.

Propylene Glycol—This is a moisturizer.

Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Four Flowers Fragrance


Expect to pay anywhere from $7 to $15 for a 1 fluid ounce bottle. It won’t break your bank; however it is more than I would pay.

What I Like

I am not impressed with anything about this product.


This has almost the exact same ingredients as the hair follicle stimulator. I was not excited about that product, but I was nicer than I am going to be now. Come on. Why bother with another product that is almost identical to your hair stimulator?

The only two ingredients that are different from the hair stimulator are PVP-VA and Polyquaternium-10. These are both polymer chemicals that are in many different hair products. They seem to help the look and feel of hair.

While the product is not that expensive, I think you are better off with products from your local supermarket. They are cheaper and have no hype.

Do I recommend this product? Why bother? You’ll get the same result with any styling gel or mousse.