Just as the name implies, DermMatch is a concealing product. According to the product website, doctors began using DermMatch to conceal scars caused by hair loss surgery. They noticed hair also looked thicker and fuller. You know how I cringe whenever any product has testimonials and before/after photos. Okay, this site does have both; however, I am encouraged by the recommendations from different groups. The American Hair Loss Association logo appears with their recommendation. Below that, is the logo and recommendation for the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. These premiere organizations do not put their brand name on every site out there. Two prominent magazines, People and Good Housekeeping, also featured this product.

How It Works

DermMatch is a hard-pressed powder colored to match your hair. You apply it with a pad onto your scalp, finishing up by brushing your hair. The powder clings to your scalp and hair instantly making hair look thicker and fuller while covering bald spots.

  • Ease of Application – The pad makes it easier for you to control where the product is applied.
  • It is Waterproof – If you have used other concealing products, you must have experienced the anxiety of sweating, swimming, even bending. Most sprinkle products will fall off if you brush your hair or bend. Sprays can rinse off if you swim. Now, you can get wet and not worry. DermMatch does not come off due to water, sweat, wearing a hat, bending, etc.
  • Easy Removal – Okay, if this concealer is waterproof, how do you wash it off? Just use any shampoo.
  • Safety – It is safe while using other products. It will not interfere with hair growth. This product is safe for all hair loss conditions and can be used by both men and women.
  • Risk free trial offer – Any company that truly believes in their product will back it up with a guarantee. DermMatch does not disappoint me here. They offer a generous money-back guarantee. You do not have to return the product. All you do is ask and they will refund your money including shipping costs. No time limit for requesting refunds is mentioned on the site.
  • This product lasts a long time. One disk lasts up to 8 months.
  • Price — Another measure I look for in a good product is price. One disk runs at $34.90 and a four-disk set is $99.80. If one disk lasts up to an average of eight months, then $30 bucks and change is definitely fair.


I think you already know what I am going to say. Only buy this product if you are looking for a temporary solution. All the positive signs I look for are there: affordability, money-back guarantee, ease of use, quality, safety, and professional recommendations. DermMatch has most of them. The only downside that I see is that they have the photos and testimonials. I usually proceed with caution when I see these issues.