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Campesterol is a phytosterol contained in plants. This substance has come under scrutiny in recent years because researchers have found a link between plants there all and lowered cholesterol levels. This is good news for anyone who worries about heart disease, because they have high blood cholesterol levels.

Uses of Campesterol

In the early 1990s, reprocessing companies began adding plant sterols to certain foods with the hope that they would add health benefits to people to consume those foods. Margarine was one of the first foods to receive added plant sterols. At the time, consuming margarine with high plant levels might have sounded good. There was just one problem. Margarines at that time also contained a product called hydrogenated vegetable oil.

If you ever read newspapers or magazines, you know that hydrogenated fats are thought to be a big cause of clogged arteries. Fortunately, manufacturers have caught on to the problems of using hydrogenated fats in their products. Most have removed the hydrogenation process. Even though plant sterols have been added to certain foods, it is still difficult to get enough of these beneficial food substances to lower cholesterol. Herbs such as saw palmetto have high concentrations of plant sterols. Supplementation with these herbs can make up the difference and add the benefits of plant sterols that you cannot get in your diet alone.

Another benefit shown from using plant sterols is that they seem to blog DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This hormone is responsible for male pattern baldness and enlarged prostate problems in men. When men get older, their bodies begin changing normal testosterone into the bad form of the hormone called DHT. DHT has a direct impact on man’s prostate function, and it also attacks the blood vessels of the hair follicles in the scalp. This leads to hair loss. Some theorize that supplementation with plant sterols can improve hair growth in the same way that the drug Propecia does, by blocking the action of DHT.

How to Use

You can eat a lot of nuts because they contain high levels campesterol. You could eat a lot of margarine, soybeans, or yogurt for the same reasons. But it is unlikely that you will see any of the beneficial effects through diet alone. To lower your cholesterol and fight hair loss, you’re more than likely going to have to purchase a supplement. As long as you follow the directions on the package, you should be safe and have few if any side effects from using the product.


I’ve seen a lot of products out there that make some pretty bold claims. Some of them are frankly a waste of time. I am encouraged after reading all the information out there about plant sterols like campesterol. There are a lot of scientific studies that back up the claims of the beneficial effects of substances like campesterol on blood cholesterol levels. There also seems to be enough information to back up the claim that plant sterols can help fight hair loss in certain cases. I highly recommend using this product because it will help make you healthier, and it may have the added benefit of reducing your hair loss.

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